PSAT Grammar Practice

How to Practice for PSAT Grammar Online?

Practicing grammar is very essential for you to score high in the PSAT. Basically, the test consists of three sections namely the Math section, the Critical Reading section and the Writing Skills section. Out of the mentioned three sections, almost two-thirds of the test pattern in some way or the other deals with grammar. Only the math section tests your aptitude skills. The rest of the sections contain questions like the sentence completion, passage-based reading, identifying errors in sentences, improving the given sentences, improving paragraphs. So, all the mentioned question types covered in both the Critical Reading and the Writing Skills sections require your grammar skills.

PSAT Grammar

You can have good grammar practice from the many different sources available. There are many books being published that provide you with immense knowledge upon grammar. However, in the modern day world, people prefer internet to other sources. In grammar, there are lots of rules which need to be consciously understood and applied. In any good book or an online preparation source, you will be given the rules, their usage in the English language with examples for your better understanding. Hence, you will have to concentrate and learn grammar in a systematic manner.

How to Practice Grammar Online?

Practicing grammar online is the easiest way. This is because of the reason that online, you will have latest material when compared to that of the conventional books and the materials are updated regularly. Also, if you go in for purchasing study material online, then it would be cheaper compared to the print edition of the material. Furthermore, online sources come with software that will make your preparation sessions easy. The software are usually designed so that you can have virtually innumerable randomly generated questions that will help you to better understand the concepts while practicing. Mentioned below are some important points that you must keep in mind to make better use of the online sources and gain good knowledge.

  • The foremost prerequisites for achieving good grip on grammar are memorizing, usage, observation and practice.

  • You must concentrate on memorizing all the rules that essentially form the concepts of the grammar in English language usage.

  • You must try to use the rules you learn in your daily language for improving your skills. This practice helps you to increase your grip on grammar unconsciously.

  • You must always observe the grammar rules in the essays or books you read and must try to inculcate in your memory so that they stay registered forever.

  • Dictionary is the most important tool for your grammar practice. You also get dictionaries online that will be very useful in saving your time. You can directly search the word that you would want to learn about from the search bar. The following are links to some good dictionaries that provide you with important information regarding the grammar aspects of the word like the parts of speech, contextual usage etc.

Links to Some Online Grammar Preparation Sources

Following are links to some good sources. You can find countless questions for your practice. On the below mentioned pages, you will find links to other pages that will provide you with some very useful grammar practice questions for you to gain a good grip on the grammar.

The following link directs you to a page of English forum where discussions happen. You can find some important links from your fellow aspirants there.

The following link directs you to the page where you can download an application for your Apple iPhone or iPad. This application provides you with many grammar practice questions that will help you to nurture your grammar skills on-the-go.