Review for PCAT

Where Can You Find PCAT Review Books?

Review of PCAT refers to the recapitulation process that a PCAT test taker should undertake after completing the test preparation, to organize and strengthen the knowledge that was acquired during the preparation process. A number of study aids like review books, flashcards and online interactive quizzes are commonly available for PCAT preparation. However, it is important for one to select the best amongst these resources and make the best use of them.

Reviews of Some of the Best PCAT Review Books

Discussed below are some of the review books of PCAT:

  • Dr. Collins PCAT Review Book- This book is considered as the best for PCAT preparation. Its readers testify its worthiness even though it is high priced, and there cannot be a greater proof than these testimonials to establish the superior quality of this book, which has a large number of practice tests, test taking strategies and lessons.

  • Kaplan PCAT Review Book- This book consists of flashcards and practice tests. This book, along with Dr. Collins review book, has gained wide popularity amongst PCAT test takers. It not only offers a number of practice test papers, but also contains diagnostic tests, test taking tips, and strategies to cope with examination stress.

  • Pharmacy Exam PCAT Reference Guide ( - This book has won many favourable reviews from its readers. The Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics sections of this book are rated as excellent by test takers. This book explains the subject matter well, and the test takers reading this book are said to easily absorb its contents. Many persons have testified its major contribution in their success in the test.

  • McGraw-Hill's PCAT Study Guide ( – This book has got mixed reviews, with the majority of reviews being favourable. It has been rated favourably for its in-depth approach to the different content areas; and rated unfavourably for its proof-reading errors. On the whole, this book is not a bad purchase and is a reasonably good book for test preparation. In case one feels the need for it, this study resource can be supplemented with another study guide or preparation resource of PCAT.

Where can you find PCAT Review Books?

Review books of PCAT are commonly available in book stores and some popular academic websites. Here are the steps to find information about the availability of good review books:

  1. Write to the PCAT testing body to send you PCAT review books- The first thing that you should do is to correspond with the PCAT examination authorities ( directly about acquiring books for the test. They will either send you the official review books (if they have any) or will suggest reliable sources of acquiring these review books.

  2. Read Reviews of all PCAT review books and then decide to buy them- Reviews of PCAT study material are available on the internet, and you can locate them by searching for them on popular search engines. You can also visit academic networking forums and refer to newspaper career columns to find information on the best study books you could purchase.

  3. Consult Subject Matter Experts- You should consult PCAT subject matter experts and take their opinion regarding the best study book you could buy. Information about subject matter experts can be found on the internet by searching on popular search engines. You could also ask your school authorities to help you find good subject matter experts.

  4. Call Up Leading Book Stores for Information on PCAT Review Books- PCAT books can be found in leading book stores that sell academic books. These book stores can be found both online as well as offline. You could visit or call up these book stores for information on the availability of the book that you want to buy. However, make sure that you have read the reviews of the book that you want to buy, adequately, so that you are not carried away by the words of booksellers who are interested in selling books from certain publishers, without actually being aware of their worth.


A good review book is an important inclusion to your PCAT prep kit, as it helps you in summarizing, organizing, and recapitulating all that you have studied for this pharmacy aptitude examination. It also helps you in improving your skills further by providing you with resources to practice further. Hence, it is important for you to choose a review book after critical analysis of each and every book that is available for the purpose, and eventually selecting one or a few from them.