Information For Candidates Taking The ParaPro Conducted By ETS

How is ParaPro Conducted by the ETS?

This is an assessment test, which is conducted for upcoming and practicing paraprofessionals in order to assess their skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics for providing assistance during the delivery of instructions in classroom.

ETS and ParaPro Test

Let us find out in the following points about how the test is conducted:

  • The test is conducted in English and administered in Paper and Online format. The duration of this test is two and half hours within which, the candidates are supposed to complete 90 questions. While the online test is offered regularly in the districts that participate in this administration, the paper-based test is offered around six times a year.

  • The pattern of this test is such that two third of the test measures the basic competencies of the test takers and the remaining one third portion is based on the application of skills and abilities of the test takers.

  • The fees of this test are non-refundable and the test takers have to pay $50.

  • The candidates have to follow the registration formalities for both formats of the test. For the online test, the candidates are required to contact the administrative office of the school districts that are participating in this program for the availability in their areas. In the paper-based test, the candidates must download the Assessment Information and Registration Bulletin at in order to find out the test locations in your area.

  • The test takers are also required to comply with the guidelines of the test centers in order to ensure that it is conducted in a fair manner by offering equal opportunities to all the students.

  • The test has been developed and designed to meet the requirements of the Federal Legislation called No Child Left Behind Act.

The Scores of ParaPro Test

As far as scoring is concerned, the qualifying scores of State and School Districts are available at and the candidates get the delivery of their individual score reports around four weeks from the date of the test. The score report consists of personal information and also indicates whether the students have passed the test or not.

The Sections of ETS ParaPro Test

The following points deal with the sections of this test in details:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: In this section, the candidates need to exhibit their potential to decipher from a wide range of texts and real life solutions or subjects that are represented in the form of graphs, tables and charts. In short, the candidates must have the ability to comprehend their reading tasks from a variety of sources. There are about 18 questions in this section that are to be attempted by the test takers.

  • Application of Reading Skills: The application questions are related to practical sessions in the classroom where the candidates associate themselves with a variety of tasks that are related to reading. Besides this, the questions are also related to the basic principles of reading and the strategies that are used in the classroom for assisting the reading skills of the students. In this section, there are about 12 questions.

  • Mathematics Skill and Knowledge: In this part, the proficiency of the test takers is measured on basic concepts of Mathematics and their application in real life as well as in abstract situations. The topics of this test include Number Sense and Basic Algebra, Data Analysis and Geometry and Measurement. The candidates have to answer 18 questions in this section.

  • Application of Mathematics Skills: In this section, the test takers have to answer 12 questions that are based on mathematical skills that are required to assist the teacher while delivering the lessons.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: There are 18 questions in this section that are to be attempted by the students and the questions are based on identification of errors in written tasks.

  • Application of Writing Skills: The questions in this section are related to classroom settings in which the candidates need to write, check and edit written documents and the features of writing process.

This test intends to enhance the opportunities of learning for the potential and practicing paraprofessionals.