Study Guides for MTEL

How to Study from MTEL Study Guides

A prospective educator in Massachusetts needs to procure the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) issued by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, in order to teach in the state public schools. To qualify for the licensure, he/she is required to satisfy certain eligibility requirements as well as pass the relevant MTEL exams.

Preparation for these tests needs to begin well before the scheduled test date. Several MTEL guides are available which help candidates to prepare for the test with ease. A few of the recommended prep books are reviewed in this article.

The First Step Towards MTEL Test Preparation

Even though you have a test prep book with you, sometimes you might not know exactly where to begin from. Therefore, it is important to get clarity about the test requirements even before you start the test preparation. The following will guide you with your initial test preparatory process:

  • Being Aware of the Licensing Requirements: Having reached the stage of test preparation, you should already be aware of the licensing requirements by now. If not, it is advisable to make sure that you have checked the correct test and other eligibility requirements for the type of license you are interested in. For this purpose, it is recommended that you go through the official websites and thoroughly.

  • Confirming the Right MTEL Tests that You Need to Pass: The MTEL program consists of a number of tests and it is your responsibility to double-check about the right exams that you are required to appear for, according to the desired license type and subject area.

  • Understanding the Test Objectives: Most study guides of MTEL include details about the test objectives. Alternatively, you can gain access to the test objectives of individual tests by following the 'Test Objectives' and 'Test Information Booklets' web links on the left menu of the MTEL home page ( It is essential to spend enough time to understand the test framework and what you are expected to prepare for, before the test.

Review of MTEL Study Guides

All test takers are required to take one of the Communication assessment tests and one or more subject area tests, in order to meet the licensure requirements. A few prominent study guides for the Communication assessment tests are:

  1. The Best Test Prep for the MTEL: Communication and Literacy Skills Test by Gail Rae & Co. (Research and Education Association): The book guides you through an eight-week study schedule and covers three full-length exams along with detailed answer explanations, test content and test tips and strategies.

  2. MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills by Learning Express LLC: This book contains test content reviews and three full-length practice tests with answer keys. It also gives you access to an instantly scored online practice exam.

  3. MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills 01 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide by Sharon A Wynne (XAMonline, Inc.): This book includes comprehensive content reviews and one full-length sample test.

Also, study books that are specific for each MTEL test subject are available online, at book stores and libraries. The following publishing houses provide effective prep books for individual subject tests.

  1. Mometrix Test Preparation: Several 'MTEL Flashcard Study System' books, each pertaining to specific subject test are available through this publication. The books provide easy-to-learn flashcards on subject content.

  2. XAMonline, Inc.: XAMonline provides 'MTEL Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide' books for many subject tests.

  3. Research and Education Association: A series of 'The Best Test Prep for the MTEL' books by Research and Education Association cover effective reviews and three full-length practice tests for individual subjects.

To summarize, MTEL tests are critical for a teaching career in Massachusetts. Several books which have proved beneficial for test takers are available for purchase through book stores and online orders. is one of the many websites through which preparation books can be purchased online for the test.