MTEL English

5 Things You Should Know about MTEL English

What is required of a candidate to pass the MTEL exams? Each candidate needs to prove his/her skills in effective communication as well as sufficient knowledge in the respective subject area. If you are aiming to become an educator in English in the state of Massachusetts, then you must take the English test as a part of the licensing requirements. This article provides important information that you need to understand about English section of the MTEL exam.

  1. MTEL English Test Content

    The English subject test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 open-response questions.

    Multiple-choice Questions

    The multiple-choice questions are framed from 3 subareas. Each subarea includes one or more test objectives which define the specific subject knowledge and skill that is expected of the candidate. The subareas and their test objectives are listed as follows:

    • Literature and Language: There are nine test objectives under this subarea. The first six objectives pertain to Literature from various parts of the world while the remaining three are related to types, structure and development of the English literature and language.

    • Rhetoric and Composition: The three test objectives of this subarea expect you to be thoroughly knowledgeable in oral and written forms of communication in the English language. You need to have good understanding about the structural components in framing a written composition, in order to attend this section.

    • Reading Theory, Research and Instruction: This subarea consists of 2 objectives which evaluates your expertise in research-based reading.

    Open-response Questions

    The open-response questions require you to complete two assignments on the given topics.

    • Integration of Knowledge and Understanding: In general, a passage related to a specific subject area and two topics relevant to the passage are provided. You need to compose your writings based on what is asked in the topics. Your writing skill and relevance to topic purpose are assessed through the essays that you compose.

  2. MTEL English Test Structure

    Test format and number of questions in each subarea are tabulated below. Test weightage for individual subareas is also provided.

    Subarea No.of Multiple-choice Questions No.of Open-response Questions Test Weightage
    Literature and Language 63 - 65 - 51%
    Rhetoric and Composition 20 - 22 - 17%
    Reading Theory, Research and Instruction 14 - 16 - 12%
    Integration of Knowledge and Understanding - 2 20%

  3. MTEL English Test Scoring

    The English test is evaluated based on the answers provided for multiple-choice questions and the quality of written-response compositions. The total score obtained in the test is converted to a standard reference called the ‘scaled score’. The scaled score ranges from 100-300. 240 is the minimum score that you need to secure in order to pass the English test.

  4. MTEL English Study Books

    The official website ( provides test resources in the form of practice tests, video tutorials etc. A few among the most popular study books for the English test are listed below:

    • The Best Teacher's Test Preparation for MTEL English (Field 07) by Research and Education Association
    • MTEL English 07 Teacher Certification Test Prep Study Guide by Sharon Wynne
    • MTEL English 07 Exam Secrets Study Guide by Mometrix Media LLC Publication

  5. Sources for MTEL English Test Information

    The following are web links to gain important information about the English test section:

To summarize, a well-informed candidate about the English test requirements and format along with sincere test preparation has relatively greater chances to pass the test successfully, in order to procure the Massachusetts English Educator License. Hence, you must spend sufficient time to understand all the above-mentioned information.