Benefit Of Parcicipating In The Student Doctor Forum For The MCAT

Review of the Student Doctor Network

Student Doctor Network

Student Doctor Network was founded in 1999 by Lee Burnett by bringing together 4 health websites and it is a non profit educational organization. It is a specialized forum for pre-health and health professional students in the United States and Canada. Membership to this network is free. The mission of SDN is to help, assist and encourage students pass through the difficult process of healthcare education and also help them into medical practice. Since this network has thousands of active members and millions of posts, you will find answers to any query that you may have during the admission process or during your practice. This is one of the most active and supportive communities. Many of the members in this community have benefitted earlier from the community and are now ready to help others.

The SDN has many sections and are broadly categorized into Forums, Articles and Interviews, Partners and Reference Material. The Forums and Article & Interview sections are categorized into 9 communities namely Audiology, Dental, Medical, Optometry, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Psychology, Rehabilitation Sciences and Veterinary.

Student Doctor MCAT

The Student Doctor Network has a separate section for MCAT. Any student planning to take up the MCAT will benefit from this network. In the forums there are a lot of topics on MCAT. Since SDN is a free website any one can access the material on this forum. If you read through the forum, all the information regarding MCAT can be collected. Tough questions are also discussed in these forums. Advice and suggestions on the books that you need to buy and courses you can enroll for are also given in these forums. You can also gain knowledge on study tactics from these discussions. In the articles and interview section there is a subsection that gives the feedback of students about the different medical schools.

Article by Christian Becker

A detailed article written by Christian Becker, the author of The Official Student Doctor Network Medical School Admissions Guide is very useful and a must read for all students appearing for MCAT. Here he talks about the importance of GPA and MCAT. He gives a brief description about what MCAT is and what is tested in this test. He also writes about the scoring pattern. The method for the preparation for the test is also discussed by him. He gives the different options available for preparation. The average scores for the years 2000 to 2005 are given as a tabular column for easy understanding. How and when to retake MCAT is also discussed in this article. This article can be accessed at

MCAT Schedule

A member of the SDN with a screen name SN2ed has drafted a schedule to prepare for the test. This can be accessed at . This calendar can be subscribed with Google calendar, ical or outlook. For those who are planning to do self study for MCAT the SDN calendar is a very useful tool. All the planning is done by SN2ed and all that you need to do is follow the schedule strictly and sincerely. This preparation schedule is of 3 months duration. You can even modify the dates according to your convenience.

The thread, is written by SN2ed and it gives a detailed description of how the work schedule should be followed and the books and study methodology to be followed. This SDN study schedule is a supportive schedule and does not guarantee a high score in the test. The Student Doctor Network is a very helpful site and if you make full use of it you can get a better MCAT score.