Sample MCAT Essays

The Writing Sample section of the MCAT consists of two topics to be answered in an essay format. The two sample essays in the exam are separately given 30 minutes each. Your speed of writing the essay, your grip upon the language and vocabulary matters a lot. Furthermore, the sample essays require you to be spontaneous in the process of producing the essay's content. You can write good sample essays only by rigorous practice. The official website provides you with many sample topics for your practice. Moreover, you can find many sample essays on the Internet, which will be helpful for you to develop your skill of writing good essays in the exam.

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Topic Statement

Innovation is the best path to success in a business. Describe a specific situation in which innovation in business might not be the best path to success. Discuss what you think determines when innovation in business leads to success.


Innovation is a path that makes you believe that you have gone through a paradigm shift in your daily activities or any work that has become easy for you. Since ages, innovation is regarded as the most respected stint of mankind. Right from the innovation of wheel to the present day electric cars, innovation has in fact taken a great leap. Due to many factors like the index of development of various countries and the rivalries amongst businesses that are persistent of late, innovation has also undergone a competitive turn. Innovation was more or less in the ancient times considered as a means to transcend people into a new realm of understanding and inspire further learning. Today, we can see that innovation perhaps has an all new meaning. Education can be called as the seed for the idea of innovation in any individual. However, with educational motives leaning towards making their point in the commercial arena, innovation has certainly a new face in the present day world.

Innovation has long been a fetching concept in trade. A new invention or an innovative idea was appreciated and thereby had bigger opportunities in the field of trade. However, in the present day world, business and trade also have a new meaning altogether. No matter what you sell, an innovative concept or a revisited existing concept, it depends upon your skill to correctly market your idea. Furthermore, people are more inclined towards making their lives much easier. So, they prefer a product or an idea that can help reduce their manual effort thus making their lives practically easier. This kind of behaviour that is persisting in the present day world is in contrast with that of the earlier times. Earlier, when the bicycle was invented, it took ages for people to stop admiring about the existing design and concentrate on developing a motor cycle. Today, there are new innovations coming up simultaneously and people are to decide what suit their needs best. Consider the evolution of social networking on the Internet. The innovative concept of the getting socially connected over the Internet has been developed long back and we can assume that this idea was pretty much put to force around two decades back. There were websites like the GEOSITES, The GLOBE, and SIXDEGREES who have started giving their users the chance of registering with them and can socially access their friends who are listed on those websites. The successful usage of the social networking sites can be dated back to early nineties. However, today none of those social network innovating companies are in competition in terms of business. Today, Facebook is the leading social networking website that approximately is said to have a whopping 600 million users and the population is rapidly increasing.

Although the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is not the innovator of the concept of social networking, he is pretty much handling a very successful business. So, we can clearly quote this story as an example for contradicting the given topic statement which implies that innovation is the best path to success in a business. However, to say that Mark has totally relied upon an existing concept might also be incorrect. The core idea of social networking is revisited so that it best suits the people giving what they really expect and need. Hence, in this matter, there still involves a tinge of innovation in order to attract revenue and make them a leader in business. Had Facebook come up with an all new innovative concept of social networking, it might not have had been successful as it is now. This statement can be supported by the example of another leading network Twitter, which is a new face of social networking. In fact, Twitter is an innovation and rather Facebook is not. Yet Twitter falls behind Facebook in terms of business. The bottom line of this discussion is that innovation will make its mark but cannot be the sole reason for making the business successful.

Innovation in business certainly has its role to play in success. There would be many factors that cling to it. For instance, consider the case of Microsoft and Apple. There were enough manufacturers for manufacturing laptops, yet Apple redefined the laptop world because it made a point with an all new style statement that people liked. This was an innovation that became successful. In this case, Apple's innovation really did not advance the society's scientific platform but just caught the nerve of the customers in order to get successful. So, innovation is not necessarily a scientific advancement but can also take the form of some new idea to lure consumers. So, we can say that the primary factor that decides if the innovation is successful for a business or not is consumer satisfaction. Once the consumers are satisfied, you can just get big in your business. Hence, when it comes to a business in which innovation led it to success, the deciding factor is the appeal it makes to all the consumers.