Prep 101 MCAT

Why do Students Prefer Prep 101?

MCAT is a standardized common Medical entrance test that consists of four sections. All the four sections of the test are designed so that your abilities required to study a course in Medicine can be gauged.

The four sections are:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Writing Sample
  • Biological Sciences

This test is attempted by students from all over the world and so it is evident that you would have to face a very stiff competition in order to get through the exam with a good percentile score. In order to score well in the test, you certainly would need to undergo a rigorous study course, which will be armed with required study materials, expert tutoring and testing to make you competent. One such MCAT prep course that can help you become skillful in taking the test is Prep 101 MCAT. The following article presents to you the information that you need to know about this course.

About Prep 101

Prep 101 is one of the leading prep options for many students who wish to get through MCAT with a high score. This prep company has totally focussed its research and resources for over a decade in order to provide more interactive and easily understandable learning methods for its students. Since its founding in the year 1999, Prep 101 MCAT claims to have trained over a hundred thousand students in order to score high in the test. This prep course  is claimed to be the most comprehensive prep course in Canada. It involves a total of 108 hours of classroom instruction and the tutors are very well experienced who provide students with best-in-class training. You can also opt to study online with their online course options.

Course Highlights

First, at MCAT Prep 101, you can either choose online prep course or traditional classroom training. However, the online prep course is duly to be launched and will be shortly available for you. Every training day, you will have to attend 2-hour sessions. Each two-hour session comprises one hour of teaching, which will be followed by a mini test for 30 minutes upon the taught topics. Then, the 30-minute test will be followed by a 30-minute review of the test aspects. So, for the complete traditional course, you will require 54 days of thorough discipline in attending all the classes. On the official website, you can also find the number of classes allotted to topics of different sections of the test. You can refer to the following link to see the division of the whole 108 hours of instruction across the test syllabus based upon the magnitude of the content and difficulty:

Furthermore, you will be provided with study materials that are a culmination of the expertise of the tutors. The study materials are fully equipped with solved examples for a better understanding of the concepts, practice questions and much. Moreover, you will get 8 computerized original MCAT tests for your practice. Special care is taken for enhancing your writing skills for the Writing Sample section.

Cost for Prep 101

Many institutes currently train students for MCAT but Prep 101 MCAT is likely to be the right institute for those who would require a rigorous study schedule and planning that would eventually help you score exceptionally high in the test. There are altogether 12 locations in Canada from which you can choose to undergo training. Prep 101 is priced at US $1695 and is comparatively cheaper than that of all the other leading prep institutes. An instruction hour at Prep 101 costs you US $16. So, you will have to work hard and get the true value for your money.