Med School Admission Prospects without Taking MCAT

MCAT is administered, owned and authentically published by the Association of American Colleges (AAMC), which was formed in the year 1876. MCAT is believed to be in existence in some or the other form since late 1920s. However, since 2007, the test is administered as a computer-adaptive test. The test scores are accepted by a maximum number of colleges that are located in the USA and Canada. In fact, the MCAT is world-renowned and medical aspirants from different countries take this test in order to pursue their graduation in Medicine in the USA or Canada. Therefore, we can say that this test is truly important for you to get into a med school.

Why Is MCAT Important?

The question, 'Why MCAT?' is easily justifiable. MCAT comprises four sections in all. They are the Physical Sciences, the Writing Sample, the Verbal Reasoning and the Biological Sciences sections. All the sections collectively assess the students' ability to cope up with the medical graduation program that is taught in the medical universities. Also, for you to excel as a doctor, this test is the right measure of your skills at a basic level. Hence, this test is accepted widely for recruiting the students. In a way, the test is also helpful for you on a personal level if you wish to see yourself as a successful doctor. Students without MCAT scores will some or the other way lose the firsthand experience of knowing the realm of medical studies.

Do Colleges Accept Students Without MCAT Scores?

For this question, you can get a perfect answer of 'yes'. There are colleges that absorb students with no MCAT scores at all. If you are one without these scores, you can research upon the colleges that offer medical graduation without them. However, there would be other tough norms that you must satisfy to secure admission in such colleges that admit students without the scores of the test. One of the primary eligibility you must satisfy to enter a college that does not need MCAT scores is your grade point average (GPA). The colleges that do accept students without MCAT certainly asks for a very high GPA. Approximately, it is said that such colleges require a high GPA that ranges between 3.5-3.95. So, if you have such a good GPA, then you can apply for those colleges who admit you into medical graduation without the MCAT scores. However, before considering these colleges as an advantage if you feel that MCAT is tough, it is better you analyse and think over some important points pertaining to this issue.

Prospects without MCAT

Let us now look into some issues that give out some disadvantages if you are a medical aspirant without taking the MCAT.

  • First, MCAT is a test that can be taken again if you failed once. You cannot try to change you GPA once it is reported. In such a case, if you solely rely upon the GPA and neglect MCAT till the end; if due to some or the other reason, you could not achieve a high GPA, then, you can do nothing at the end.

  • Secondly, all the best universities of USA and Canada accept MCAT scores and admit students based upon them. Hence, if you wish to study in top-notch med schools, then you must surely rely upon the MCAT scores at the same time concentrating on your GPA.

  • If for instance, we consider that you have performed so well in your academics achieving a GPA as high as 3.9. When you have worked so hard, would it be so difficult for you to work hard in order to achieve a high MCAT score?

However, due to some other reasons, if you wish to pursue your graduation in Medicine without taking the MCAT, then you can refer to the following link. The page contains a list of colleges that offer you admission without MCAT: