MCAT Writing Section

MCAT Writing Section-Details and Samples

MCAT or Medical College Admission Test is administered by AAMC or Association of American Medical Colleges and it allows the students to study Medicine in schools that are located in the United States and Canada. The test is conducted several times within a year from late January to early September and the students can take this test three times in a year although they should register for each administration separately. MCAT includes the following sections:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Writing Sample

The test is taken to assess the problem-solving abilities of the students with respect to their knowledge of the science subjects. It also measures their capacity of critical evaluation that is required in the verbal section along with their writing skills in the writing section of the test.

MCAT-Writing Sample Section

As far as the Writing Section in MCAT is concerned, the students are supposed to complete two essays of 30 minutes each. The Writing Section evaluates the ability of the students based on the following concepts:

  • Creating a basic idea
  • Assimilating definite and complete ideas or concepts
  • The ideas should be consolidated at first and presented in the most compelling manner.
  • The essays should be written in Standard English with proper usage of grammar, syntax and punctuation.

This Section does not relate to the students' knowledge on any of the subjects or anything that is related to the study of Medicine. The essays in the Writing Sample are scored on a scale of J to T, where J is the lowest and T is the highest score. In this section, the students should ideally try to get P or Q for securing admission in top schools of medicine.

AAMC and Writing Samples

The MCAT applicants should have a look at the official writing samples to get an idea about how they should start with their preparations when it comes to the Writing Section. In fact, these official samples will be somewhat similar to the topics that they will have to tackle in the writing section on the final day of the test. The students should therefore try to take relevant prep courses that will help them to hone their writing skills. The writing samples include a particular topic that is followed by three writing tasks. While the first part of this task is similar for all, the second and third writing tasks keep varying and instantly printed below the primary topic. We will consider some examples of writing samples that are asked in this Section:

Lets us consider this topic: The Good of a Society Depends upon the Defense of Individual rights

Now the first part of the instruction is common for all in which the test takers are asked to write an essay followed by two writing tasks that include the following for this particular topic:

  • The second writing task asks the students to describe a particular situation in which Government intervention in the personal privacy of the citizens are fully justified.
  • The third writing task directs the students to write their opinion as to when a government should actually interfere in the personal privacy of the students and when it should not.

Let us consider another sample essay published by AAMC and the topic is: In Times of War, Maintaining Public Support is often the Most Difficult Battle

The first part of the instruction is similar as stated above followed by two specific tasks that are related to this topic:

  • The second writing task directs the students to explain a situation in which maintaining public support during war might not be difficult.
  • The third writing task directs the students to explain when it would be easy to maintain public support during a war and when it is not.


The MCAT aspirants should try to sharpen their skills for tackling the writing samples in this section. In short, practice is the best way to get confidence while writing the sample essays.