MCAT Writing Score

Calculation of Score for MCAT Writing

MCAT is an examination which will not only test your knowledge of Chemistry, Physics and Biology but your analytical skills also. AAMC does this with the help of the Writing Section of MCAT. This section also tests your capacity of thinking critically in a stressful situation. Thus, the writing score that you receive is as essential as your score of the other sections of the test. Hence, understanding the scoring process of the writing section is essential if you want to fare well in the examination which is discussed in the following sections.

Know Your Score for the Writing Section of MCAT

The writing section score is given in the form of a grade along with the total score you have received for the other sections of MCAT. The writing section of the test is scored twice, once by an examiner and the second time by a computer. In the writing section you are required to write two passages reflecting your analytical and critical skills. Thus, you will receive 2 sets of scores for each of the passages written by you. The sum of these 4 separate scores represents the 'raw score' that you have received for this section of the test. This 'raw score' is now converted to a grade.

The grade you receive is your writing score. Your grade can range from 'J' to 'T' with 'J' representing the lowest grade and 'T' the highest. For example if you have received a total score of 42 by adding the scores that you have received in the Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences sections of the test and your writing score is J then your test score is '42J'. Usually the average writing score received by candidates appearing for the test is 'O'.

Sometimes you will come across a score of 'X' for the writing section. This means the passages written by the candidates are either totally off the topic, meaningless or written in a language other than English. In other words, the passages written by the candidate cannot be scored. As you understand the scoring process of the test it is essential that you understand the criteria that AAMC takes into account while scoring your writing samples. Some of the things that you should consider while writing the passages, so that you score well in this section, are given below.

Things to Remember While Attempting the Writing Section

The passages that you write in this section of MCAT should be effective, coherent and display your capacity of being able to think on your feet. AAMC while scoring your writing section will look for the following features:

  • The passages that you have written should be informative and should also give the reader the reasons as to why you have taken the particular judgment.

  • Through the essays you should be able to express your thoughts clearly and should show that you have done an in-depth analysis of the problem.

  • It should also show that you have a good grasp over language. However, as you will be writing under time constraints, if you make any minor grammatical errors (like punctuation marks, minor spelling mistakes) that do not alter the meaning of the statement, then AAMC might overlook these errors.

  • The essays that you write should be well organized so that one idea naturally leads to the next. This will show that you have understood the problem given to you. It will also show the step-by-step process that you have applied to reach to the logically correct conclusion.

Hence, you can see from the afore-mentioned list that grasp over the language is very important to ace this section of MCAT. Although, you will be pressed for time while solving the writing section of the test, yet you should do it with a clear stress-free mind. Remember the writing section score is decisive factor and most colleges take into account this score while considering your admission application. Thus, preparing separately for the writing section of MCAT is also important. So prepare well for this section and on the day of the examination write the passages with a clear mind.