MCAT Testing Center

5 Things to Keep In Mind for Selecting Your MCAT Testing Center

Where Are the Test Centers for MCAT Located?

The test centers of MCAT have been made available at various places all around the world. They are located in some of the most convenient locations, which makes it all are more convenient for test takers all around the world, to take the test easily. If you are looking to register at this point of time to get your testing center, you must now be almost halfway through your preparation. Selecting the right test center is a very crucial factor that must be handled well and it also completes your preparation. It is as important as selecting a congenial date for the test. In order to select a test center, you need to first register for the test. To register for the test you have to create a student account at the following AAMC link Once you have completed the registration and paid the testing fees, you need to locate your testing center at the following link:

The center is not available at all places around the world. Remember that unless you are an early bird, it is quite difficult to getthe center of your choice. If you are late, you will have to look for a center which isn't your original choice. In popular testing centers, such as in New York and Washington, seats fill up very quickly, even though MCAT is a computer-based test. The test center organizes for as many seats, which are deemed convenient for the test-takers and the administrators of the test. Planning is the key in this case. You need to consider certain factors before settling for a particular test centre.

You will have the leverage of time if you apply earlier than the others. This is a commonly known fact. You also need to check the seat availability in real time, especially since you are applying online. You can also narrow your search for the best test center with the help of a student code search. There are many test centers available around the United States and Canada. The test centers in U.S. and Canada more or less remain the same but the ones outside the U.S. and Canada are changeable every year. So you need to check the official AAMC website to see if your city or town has a registered testing center. AAMC also has the provision of creating a nonpublished testing center if you live more than 50 miles away from any of the authorized published testing centers of AAMC.

Factors You Need to Keep in Mind before Selecting an MCAT Test Center

  1. Be an early bird! This is absolutely mandatory, since many students lose out on the test centers convenient for them because they haven't registered as early as the others. Remember registration dates as well as testing centers fill in quicker than you think.

  2. Look for a test center that is nearby. You don't want to lose your way going to a strange place to take the test. Also this will improve familiarity with the centre with regards to distance and time taken to reach your allotted centre.

  3. If the  center for MCAT allotted to you is unfamiliar to you then visit the place a day prior to the test, to see how far it is from your place and what are the routes to go to the place.

  4. If none of the test centers are familiar to you then visit 2 or 3 test centers and choose a center that has a peaceful environment. Don't look for a busy place which will disturb you while you are taking the exam.

  5. Not all the test centers are equipped to ensure smooth administration of the exam. In this case you can ask a few friends or your instructor to recommend to you a good testing center.