MCAT Test Sites

7 Things to Keep in Mind before Selecting MCAT Test Sites

MCAT preparation is incomplete if you do not select a suitable test date and test location. You should register for the test as soon as you start preparing for the examination. Early registration is of paramount importance if you wish to reserve a seat in the test location of your choice. Moreover, seats are distributed amongst candidates on a first come first served basis. However, the examination is held a number of times from January to September in a number of test sites. Thus, selecting a suitable test date and test location should not be very difficult. But, there are some things that you should take into account while selecting a test site. The things that you should consider while selecting a test site of MCAT are discussed in the following section.

Research Well before You Select an MCAT Test Site

Selection of a good test location is essential if you wish to do well in a stressful examination like MCAT. Hence, the test location that you select must have the following features:

  • The test sites that you select should not be very far from you residence. Ensure that the test locations you select are within 100 miles of your residence.

  • You should select more than one such sites because you will have to mention them in your registration form. AAMC always tries to give you a seat in the test center that is your first choice. But, if by chance all the seats in the center of your choice have already been reserved then AAMC will check the other test centers that are convenient to you and assign a seat accordingly.

  • Candidates often select test sites after reviewing comments by other candidates who have appeared for the examination on those locations. If you have any particular requirement from the test location then go online and check out some reviews. One of the links that you can consider is as follows:

  • The test sites that you select must also be selected taking into account whether you wish to appear for a weekday or a weekend examination. After you select the test date, search for the sites that hold the examination on the particular day.

  • MCAT is primarily a Computer Based Test, thus there are a number of test sites worldwide. Hence, finding a test site convenient to you may not be difficult. But, before you decide on a testing location, visit the sites and select the ones that are most convenient to you.

  • The test sites that you select should also be based on whether you wish to appear for a morning or afternoon test. Although, this depends on personal choice, yet you should remember that it is a 5 ½ hrs long examination and hence you should select your test locations accordingly.

  • If you require special 'accommodation' on the day of the test then ensure that you inform AAMC about it as early as possible. If you inform them early then only will you be assured that the test site that you select will be informed accordingly. However, you should do a 'standard' registration first and then apply for 'accommodation'. For that too you will need to select the test site first and then apply for 'accommodation'.

The afore-mentioned list is designed to help you select a convenient test site for MCAT. These features must be present in the sites that you select. Some of the test sites that you can consider are given in the following section.

Some MCAT Test Sites

MCAT is held in a number of test sites all over the world. Some of international test sites are as follows:

If you hail from Australia and wish to appear for MCAT you can check out the following test centers:

Prometric testing center Level 4 100 Harris Street Parmont, Sydney, NSW Australia-2009

ITIC LTD Suite 1709 World Tower Building 87-89 Liverpool Street Sydney, NSW, Australia-2000

If you hail from Canada you can consider the following test sites:

454-4800 Kingsway

Metrotown Cambridge College Burnaby, Canada V5H 4J2 Executive Hotel and Conference Center Burnaby 4201 Lougheed HWY urnaby, Canada V5C3Y6

If you want a complete list of the MCAT test centers then click on any of the following links:

The first one is a link to the official website which will give you all the details regarding test date, test center and registration. Check out the websites and select suitable test sites and register for the test. Once you complete the registration process you will have one less thing to worry about!