MCAT Study Guides

MCAT Study Guides That Cover All Sections

Extensive preparation is essential to get a high MCAT score which will open doors for you to join a good medical school. Many options are available for preparation. Whatever option you choose you need the right books to study. There are many MCAT guides available in the market today. If you are planning to buy a guide, it should be comprehensive and should cover all the sections.

Here are a few of the best reference guides that cover all the sections and give extensive explanation for the possible questions in MCAT.

  • Cracking the MCAT-2011-12 Edition-By The Princeton Review: This book is published by Princeton Review, one of the companies that offer the best MCAT coaching. This is one of the most precise and comprehensive reference guides of MCAT. This book covers all the sections of the test including verbal reasoning, physics, general chemistry, biology, organic chemistry and the essays. If you buy the book you get free online access to 4 full length practice tests. It also includes answers with explanations. At the end of every chapter, possible questions from the chapter with step by step explanation for answers are given. The highlight of the book is a tear-out reference guide with all the formulae, diagrams and charts that you need to remember for the test. This reference guide is 16 pages and can be carried anywhere for easy review. This book is priced at $99.99. But you can order it online at and get it at $53.18.

  • Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package by Johnathan Orsay: This book includes the five Examkrackers MCAT manuals covering biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and verbal reasoning in the individual manuals. It contains 1000+ pages of material, 31 30-minute practice tests with explanations for the answers and 1600+ test questions. It is priced at $174.95 and is available at The author of the book Johnathan Orsay has taken the test 3 times and has scored in the 90 percentile in all the sections. This is one of the most useful reference guides of MCAT.

  • The Gold Standard MCAT by Dr. Brett Ferdinand: This book covers all the science sections in detail and includes a review for Verbal Reasoning. A "Five minute, Five step" approach to the Writing Sample is also included in this reference guide. It contains 842 pages of study material. The guide contains 3 full length practice tests with answers and explanations. Over 100 diagrams and illustrations for easy understanding is present in the book Tips on how to prepare for the test, how to apply for medical schools and how to improve your scores are also given in the book. It is priced at $60 and is available at

  • Kaplan's MCAT Comprehensive Review: It offers review of all the tested material and strategies to take the MCAT in a better way. It has 15 biology chapters, 11 chemistry chapters, 15 organic chemistry chapters, 12 physics chapters and practice tests for each section. All these are covered in the Science Review. A separate section on Verbal Reasoning is also there in this book. This section contains 2 full-length Verbal Reasoning tests with detailed explanations for each answer. This is one of the MCAT guides that come with a CD-ROM.  The CD-ROM has special features like timed practice questions, explanations for each answer, detailed scoring analysis and performance analysis. Tips and strategies to manage time effectively and how to deal with stress is also a part of this book.

The above mentioned books are a few of the study books of MCAT. There are lots more of the guides but these are the ones with very good feedback and reviews.