MCAT Scores Release

How and When are MCAT Scores Released

MCAT Scores Release

The MCAT is an integral exam that you can take before starting your career as a medical science student. This test is a standardized measure of your ability and aptitude to handle medical science courses. The test is administered all over the US and Canada. The score reports are published under the supervision of Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The test scores release is crucial for your admission. There are certain processes and dates and deadlines of the result release. As you know that the test contains four sections, namely Physical Science, Biological Science, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Prompts, you receive four different score cards for the test. These four scorecards are published on the release date. In the process of viewing your score for the test, there are several things you need to keep in mind. First, your scores are only made available in the MCAT Testing History (THx) System, which requires a valid profile in order to be accessed. Second, your scores are released within 30-35 days after the date of your testing and finally there are some protocols to be followed in case you have tested before 1991. Hence, let us discuss each one of these facts in the following headings.

The MCAT Testing History

You can receive your test scores in the MCAT testing history (THx) System. The scores are released through this system. In order to view your scores, you need to use your AAMC login username and password. In case you do not own a username and a password, you can register yourself for an AAMC account by using your Registration User Name or your Registration Password. Even if you do not have the username and password for the test, you need to fill in a registration form for getting a username and password to access the testing history system.

Score Release Schedule

Depending on the date of your registration and testing of MCAT, you have tentative score release dates. The release dates are schedules to publish the test results after 5 p.m. (Eastern Time). The release dates are given adjacent to the registration deadlines in the score release timetable.

Paper Score Request Application

Test-takers who appeared for MCAT prior to 1991 have to fill out a paper score request form to the AAMC for their test result declaration. This form provides you the option to print your score cards and communicate to the participating institutions. If you click here, you get a printable PDF file which you must complete and address it to the AAMC address. You have to incur a minimum processing fee of $25 and an additional fee of $5 for additional recipients of your score. This money should be enveloped as a check or a money order addressed to the Association of American Medical Colleges. You have the alternative option to pay by your VISA or MasterCard. The address of the AAMC is:

MCAT: Paper Score Report

Association of American Medical Colleges

2450 N Street, NW

Washington, DC 20037

In the above discussion, you get to know the process of score's release. You get to know where to look for the test results and how you should apply for paper score reports. However, if you are not satisfied with your score you can apply for a rescoring of your test sections. If you check the MCAT Essentials, you can find information of the processing fee of rescoring your test paper. Your test scores are valid for two to three years  but the validity might differ among medical colleges.