Score Report for MCAT

How Do Med Schools Interpret the MCAT Score Report

The MCAT test is taken by students who wish to pursue medical studies. Students are tested in the sections of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Sample. The score report delivers scores for each section of the test. This means that you will know what your overall test score is, as well as find out your scores for each section of the test. An online score report of MCAT is available on the Testing History (THx) System. To login and check your score report visit For more information about the score report visit In order to understand what information your test score report gives you, you will need to understand how the test papers are scored.

  • How the MCAT Test Papers Are Scored: Each section of the test delivers a score. The sections of Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Sciences receive numeric scores. Scores allotted to these sections directly reflect how you have performed in the test. This means that the score is a count of the number of answers you have answered correctly. This is because an incorrect answer on the test is treated as a blank answer and there is no penalty marking. The raw scores from each of the above sections are converted to scaled scores before they are reported on the score report. Such scores are reported on a scale of 1-15 points. The MCAT test also includes a Writing Sample section in the test. It consists of an alphabetical grade which tells you how you have performed in this section of the test. Each Writing Sample task receives two separate raw scores which are marked by two different readers. The score report provides the student with an alphabetical grade which is equivalent to the sum of the individual numeric raw scores received for the writing sample. Alphabetic grades for this section range from the letter 'J' (lowest) to the letter 'T' (highest). You should note that if you receive an 'X' on your Writing Sample it would mean that one or more of your responses were deemed unintelligible or un-scorable. 
  • What Your Score Report Tells You: Your score report contains 4 separate scores, one for each section of the test and one cumulative score to which your Writing Sample grade is included as well. This means that you will receive individual numeric scores for the sections of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Verbal Reasoning. You will also receive a sum of the scaled scores of all the three sections along with the grade for the Writing Sample. Since scaled scores are allotted to the aforementioned sections on a 15-point scale, the maximum score a test taker can achieve is 45 points. If you achieve 13 in Physical Sciences, 12 in Biological Sciences and 11 in Verbal Reasoning along with "P" on your Writing Sample, your final score report will show you your score as '36P'.
  • How to View You Scores Online: The score report is available online on the Testing History System. Students' scores from the year 1991 are available online and you can check your score history for all the tests that you have taken. To check your scores online visit You will receive an AMCAS login id and password when you sign up for the test. The MCAT Testing History System as well as the MCAT Fee Assistance Program of MCAT uses the same credentials to sign in.

All information about the score reports is available on the official website. You should make sure you have read all the information available so you will be able to understand your scores better.