Score Range for MCAT

What is the MCAT Score Range?

The MCAT exam consists of four different sections-Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences, and Writing Sample. Each section of the test has its own score range. During the medical school admission, the selection committee will assess your skills based on your score in each section of the test. It is recommended that you know about the score range and average score for each section of the test before starting the test's preparation.

MCAT Score Ranges for Each Section

The score ranges for the Physical Science, Verbal Reasoning and Biological Science sections of the test are represented by numbers. The score  for these three sections range from 1 to 15. The score for the Writing sample section of the exam is represented by letters, and they vary from alphabets J to T. The national average score for each of the first three sections is 8, and the average score for the last section is "O". The total score range is the sum of the scores from all three sections and they range from 0 to 45.

Relation between MCAT Score Range and Medical School Admission

The medical school selection officers will be able to determine how well you have done in each section of the test based on your score in each section. They will be able to judge your total performance in the test based on your total score. This explanation is enough for you to know the importance of getting above-average scores. Low or below-average scorers have the least possibility for getting admission in a medical school. Average and above-average scorers have higher possibility for getting medical school admission. Very high above-average score that falls within the range of 36 to 45 will definitely place you in one of the most prestigious and top rated medical schools.

What is a Competitive MCAT Score Range?

The lowest score you can get in each section of the test is 1 and the highest score you can get in each section is 15. Getting a below-average or average score is not considered as a good score. Your test score in each section becomes a competitive score to get admission in one of the best medical schools only if it lies between 10 and 15. That is, if you have a total score that falls in the range of 30 to 45, you can apply to many of the good medical schools. If you have a score that falls within the  range of 10 to 13 for Verbal reasoning and Science sections of the test, and an above-average score of "P to R" for the Writing sample section of the test, you can certainly apply for some of the best schools such as:

  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • University of California - San Francisco
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Queens University (Canada)
  • McGill University (Canada)

How to Understand Your MCAT Scores?

If you want a good or competitive score in the test, it is necessary to understand how the test is scored. In order to understand about the test score, you must understand the different sections of the test, what are raw scores, what are scaled scores, how and why raw scores are converted to scaled scores, and what are their ranges. You can know about these details by visiting the AAMC's website link

The 15-point range  enables for a firm and defined assessment of a student's skills required for doing a medical course. Understand the score ranges and prepare for the test accordingly to increase your chances for getting admission in one of the best medical schools.