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What Is A Good MCAT Score?

The maximum score possible in MCAT is 45T. It is the perfect score that can be obtained, but not everyone can reach it. That is why the questions regarding how much a good score is in the test is a matter of great concern. Before taking the test, the students wish to know how much is considered a good score by colleges in order to grant admissions. Generally, a score above the average test score of 24O is considered good enough. A student getting a score of 30P is considered a competitive student, while a score of about 35 R can assure your admission in a college of your choice.

Reporting Of MCAT Test Score

The test score is declared after about 40 days of the test. The test score is automatically released to AMCAS, which helps in forwarding it to various medical colleges listed with AMCAS. It is also automatically included in the Additional Score Report. This report can be sent to colleges, which are not listed with AMCAS, on request of the student.

Generally, a score holds good for three years for most of the colleges. That means it is valid for up to three years. However, the validity period can vary from college to college. Since it depends on individual colleges, it is best to check the policies and admission criterion of the college you wish to join.

MCAT's score is one of the requirements for admission into a college. The colleges take into consideration many other aspects while admitting a student into their institution, in order to get the best of the lot. Other requirements could be some extra curricular activities, experience in some kind of health related work, interviews, grades in previous classes, etc. Colleges have to look into these aspects in order to select the students who are not only capable, but who can even benefit from the medical course run by them. However, other aspects do not overshadow the test score. It still is one of the major requirements at the time of admission. Besides, with a good result a student also becomes eligible for a scholarship. In order to get noticed by agencies awarding scholarships, a high test score is necessary. That is why one should strive to get the highest test score possible.

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