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How to Judge an MCAT Review Book?

Preparing for MCAT

If you will be taking the MCAT soon, you need to make sure that you are studying for the test. When it comes to preparing for this test, you will find a lot of books available in the market that will help you understand the format of the test well and they will also give you pointers so that it will be possible for you to crack the test effectively. However, before you decide to buy one you need to make sure you check out the reviews on the test books that are available. There is no doubt that the options available to you are endless but you need to be aware that not all the books are good; some are but most of them are not. This is the reason why you need to read the reviews of these books and then decide whether or not you should get a specific book.

MCAT Books Review

  • Examkrackers 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning: If you are looking for MCAT reviews on books that will help you practice for the Verbal Reasoning section of the test, this is one option you can consider buying. The passages that you will find here are similar to those found in the real tests; so you will certainly get a good idea of this section of the test. There are explanations to correct as well as incorrect answers that you will find to be of good use for you. This book is meant for all those people who wish to improve their Verbal Reasoning score. To find out more about this book, you can click on this link:

  • Kaplan Complete 5-Book Subject Review: When it comes to good reviews for books, you will find that Kaplan is a name that is popular among the test-takers. If you want to buy something that will help you with all the sections of the test, then this 5-book series is something you must get. You will find more than 1,500 questions that you can practice and the contents of the book are written by Kaplan experts who have a lot of knowledge as well as experience in this field. To find out more about this book, you can click on this link:

  • MCAT General Chemistry Review: This is a book from The Princeton Review and if you read the reviews for MCAT, you will find that many candidates are happy with this book. You will find illustrations, diagrams and charts that will make it easier for you to study for the test. Another good feature about this book is that you will find summaries of the chapters in bullet styles so that you can review them quickly.

Buying the MCAT Books...

Before you buy a prep book on MCAT, you need to be sure that you carry out research on the books so that you end up buying a good book. With so many publishers selling their books, it may get a bit confusing for you to find out which one is good and which one is not. You can ask for suggestions if you know individuals who have taken this test in the past. They can help you by guiding you with the reviews of the books and the final selection of the best option available. You will also find the internet to be of great help to you as there are many review sites where people discuss about the best prep books for MCAT. All you need to do is to check the reviews and then determine which book you want to get that will help you obtain a high score.