MCAT Release Dates

MCAT Registration Dates and Corresponding Result Dates

MCAT Release Dates:

The MCAT is a standardized exam that measures your skills in Physical Science, Biological Science, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Prompts. The scores you achieve after taking this test serve as a useful indicator of your readiness for studying Medical Science courses. The MCAT releases its score online as well as to your postal address within 30-35 days from the date of testing. The release dates of your scores are vital as you have to start your Medical college registration instantly after receiving the scores. The release dates are set well before the admission dates of Medical colleges. This gives the PreMed students ample time to collect the results and apply for Medical Colleges.

The registration of MCAT also involves important release dates, pertaining to dates for declaring the chosen students. Moreover, the regular and late registration deadlines also play an important role in college admissions. Therefore, a PreMed student should be alert about the important dates before taking the test. In this article let us discuss some of these dates.

MCAT Registration Dates & Deadlines:

Test takers need a valid Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) online profile for MCAT registration. You will need an AAMC username and login password to start your registration. Each of the registration dates has a corresponding deadline for regular and late test applicants. Make sure that you complete all the necessary procedures for registration by the regular deadlines. The late registration deadline is approximately a week after the regular registration date. The release dates for MCAT score, as mentioned earlier, is more or less a month after the date of testing. In order to view the detailed list of upcoming test, click at

MCAT Score Reporting:

After the release of MCAT scores, you sanction AAMC to release your scores to associated institutions for research purposes. At time of registering for the test, you need to check YES when you are prompted about releasing score information. In such a case, your score will not be disclosed to any other institution without your approval. There are three forms of releasing the scores. In the following headings, you shall read about these three forms.

  • Health Professions Advisor Release: By choosing this score release option, you can send your score to certain Health Profession Advisors for counseling you about your career. While recommending you the Health Professor might share and communicate your result to PreMed associations or groups. Individuals involved in shaping your Letter of Recommendation may also view and analyze your scores.

  • Medical Minority Applicant Registry: For the financially backward students, the AAMC provides the Medical Minority Applicant Registry service. This service exists to shed light on the minority groups who are less represented in the field of Medical science course. This service is also put forward to applicants who are victims of ethnic conflicts and racial discrimination. The scores of minority candidates are sent to various US Medical Schools and Health-related organizations right after the release dates of scores.

  • MCAT Recruiting Service: Choosing this service would enable the AAMC to release your scores in service reports. The service reports might be used by the recognized Medical schools in US and Canada, Schools of Podiatry, US government sponsored scholarship programs and related establishments to seek you for admissions.

From the above discussion, you get to know how to be informed about the release dates of MCAT scores and how to check the dates for registration. Keep a note of the regular deadlines and late deadlines for registration to avoid missing a test date. Finally, keep a tab of score release dates as you have to tally them with the admission dates of Medical colleges in which you wish to apply.