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Cancellation And Changes

You have to provide certain details when you register for MCAT test. You can make changes in the details provided during registration of the test. But request for any change to be made in the test date or the test center can be done on payment of the required fee. The changes should be done positively before the late registration deadline of the already registered test. However, this is not a criterion for not paying the extra charge for making any changes. That means however early you may request for a change in date or center, once it is done after you register for the test, you will be required to pay for the changes.

As mentioned earlier, the fees charged for a change in test date or test center is an additional $50. In case you request for a change in both, the date and the center at the same time, you may pay $50 only once. But if you request for change of only one, or if you request for a change in both separately, you are required to produce the additional sum of $50 for each request.

In case you decide against taking the MCAT after you register for the test, you can cancel you registration. You can do this anytime before seven days of the test date in order to get a 50% refund. You can get your registration cancelled online by visiting

You can get a refund of no more than 50% of the regular fee paid when you register for the test. Thus the refund that you are entitled to get on cancellation before a week of the test date is a maximum of $105. But the students who have registered along with the application of fee assistance program can get a complete refund of $85. The refund can be received only on the regular registration fee and not for any additional fee paid for late registration or for a change in the details of registration.

You must avoid making any changes later since it disturbs your preparation. It is best to think before choosing a date and center keeping all other things in mind, which are likely to cause the change.

MCAT Score Release

When you register for MCAT test, you are asked to give your approval for the release of scores for the purpose of research, which you are supposed to give in affirmative. Your scores are released to the AAMC and its institutes who vow to maintain its confidentiality.

Your scores are automatically received by the American Medical College Application Service, which sends them to the medical institutes of your choice. You are required to provide the list of colleges of your choice for that purpose.

Registration is an important part of test taking. You should get yourself registered as soon as you decide a date when you wish to take the test. All the required information is available on the official web site, which you may consult when you register for the test in case of any doubts.

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