MCAT Prerequisites

MCAT Test Taking Prerequisites You Must Know About

Just studying for the MCAT is not enough to take the test. To successfully take the test, there are many prerequisites that need to be catered to before beginning to prepare for the test.

Following is a list of a few MCAT prerequisites:

1. Online registration:

Online registration tops the list of  prerequisites. The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), that administers the test does not accept any other form of registration. Every student has to register with the AAMC before registering for the test. The AAMC requires you to make an account with them and then proceed with the registration process. The website for registration is

2. Registration timelines:

The AAMC requires every student to register for the test at least fourteen days prior to the test. If you register late then you are charged a late fine.

3. Know your test details:

A key point of the prerequisites is to know your test centre and time details. Time varies in different time zones and countries. Every student should double-check his/her time and date of the test before the test day. The AAMC provides for the test cancellation, change of test centre, change of test date, absence etc. through different portals in its website You should be aware of all these details of the test because if you are in any of these situations before the test then you will know how to take care of them.

4. Know your subjects:

Before taking the test, every student is required to go through the official list of topics that are given for every section of the test. This list is available at the website

5. Know your scores:

Another point is to go through the process of scoring of the different sections before attempting to practice for the test because you will be unable to assess the practice tests unless you are aware of the official scoring process. Decide which field of Medicine you want to get into before taking the test so that your scores help you during admissions to the schools that serve your purpose.

6. The test day MCAT prerequisites:

The MCAT is a computerised test and it's a requisite to use headphones that are provided by the test centre at the time of the test. If, due to any reason, you want to carry your own earphones then they have to be in a sealed packet and should be provided for checking before the test. They can be used only if authorised by the test centre official. No other items are allowed in the test centre except the identity card. The website provides a list of exceptions to the items that can be taken for the test but all of them require prior permission. You should check with the AAMC much in advance if you are planning to carry any other personal items.

7. Decision on how to use the MCAT:

This can be called the most 'secret' factor in the list of test prerequisites. 'Secret' because only you can know why exactly you are taking the test but the AAMC requires you to make a declaration for it on the exam day. You should be clear about your aim even before starting to prepare for the test. The declaration is that you will use the test only to apply to the schools of Medicine or use it in the field of healthcare only. This declaration has to be made compulsorily in the declaration form.

8. The rights of the AAMC:

Though it is not so explicitly stated, a very key point is eligibility for the test. You should be qualified enough before you decide to take the test because the AAMC has full rights to cancel your registration, if you fail to comply with the eligibility criteria. The AAMC has other rules and have the power to overrule your test in many other ways. Knowledge about the AAMC rules and rights is an important point in the list of prerequisites of MCAT.