MCAT Preparation Classes

5 Tips on Making the Most of MCAT Preparation Classes

How to Make the Most Out of MCAT Preparation Classes: 5 Most Important Tips

The classes for MCAT are found almost everywhere. But how are you going to make the most out of the classes that you have chosen for yourself? Let's see how:

  1. Know your syllabus well: Although the test classes familiarize you with the syllabus; you need to know the test content beforehand so that you are in the right frame of mind to ask the right questions, especially during the initial sessions. Visit the official website, to acquire basic information about the exam. Information that you should look for is subjects, paper pattern, scoring pattern, testing dates etc.

  2. Your weaknesses: This aspect of identifying your weaknesses comes after a few initial classes of the test. Give yourself sometime to do this but don't delay it too much. Once you have identified your weaker areas, you can ask your instructor to help you overcome your problems.

  3. Your MCAT preparation: Time spent by yourself with your books is known as studying; time spent in  classes cannot be called studying. You need to spend time by yourself solving papers, understanding concepts etc. Hence, see to it that you spend adequate time for studying after you have attended your  classes.

  4. Revision: Not many students are prone to revise what happens in class once they come back home. Revision is a must in any case since it keeps the content covered in class fresh in your memory for a longer duration and time spent in revision is precious since once the information is revised, it is seldom forgotten.

  5. Clearing of doubts: Clear your doubts as and when you have them. If you are studying at home and have stumbled upon a certain doubt, make a note of it and then see to it you clear it the next time around you are in your  class. If you are not confident enough to ask the doubt in front of everybody, you can have a private moment with your instructor and clear all your doubts.

MCAT Preparation Classes

  1. Kaplan: Kaplan is highly beneficial for students who are taking the test for the first time. They clear concepts really well and with adequate examples. This is proven from the testimonials that KAPLAN has on their website. They offer all kinds of courses like the online batches, classroom batches, weekend batches etc. They also offer personalized tuitions for the test which is beneficial for students who prefer one-on-one tutoring instead of studying in a group.

  2. The Princeton Review: The Princeton Review is famous for their study guides which are made so meticulously that students flock to their classrooms just to receive the copies of these guides. They have well-researched books that are written by very famous authors and their very own faculty. The science books are quite a hit with the students. Once the study materials are good, teaching from them also becomes simple. The Princeton Review breaks down the concepts for the students and presents it to them with a lot of examples. Teaching through examples is what has made them popular with students.

  3. Kabir Academy: They specialize in online courses and have their own materials to teach from. Their methods are tested and tried. The institute is relatively young, but their students have been able to perform well in the past few years. They conduct online preparation classes, by way of video conferencing and also by using a lot of visual methodology to present their concepts to the students. This helps them break the concepts down for the students and helps prepare better ground for test preparation.

It is better that you visit the websites of each of these preparation classes and first decide the mode of learning that you would like to choose. Once you are through with that, you can decide on the classes based on factors such as cost, time duration of each course etc.