MCAT Prep Test

Utilizing MCAT Prep Tests for MCAT Prep

MCAT is a common admission test program by the American Association of Medical Colleges, for admission to the accredited medical schools in the US and Canada. The test is very serious business for the aspiring medical student community, and is an exam that demands systematic studying and dedication for one to crack it. Based on the individual strengths and preferences, the preparation can take different routes- self study, formal review programs through traditional classroom setup, or online studies. Whatever be the mode of preparation chosen, taking a preparation test is the best way for a student to understand or analyze his/her strengths and abilities.

Taking practice tests regularly is a highly critical aspect of preparation, as this helps the candidate check on the progress and focus more on the required areas. It is recommended that prospective medical students start their preparation by taking an initial mock test, so that an accurate picture of one's plus and minus points is available to work on, right from the start.

MCAT Preparation

As for any other admission test, MCAT is something for which one just cannot do last-minute cramming. Systematic preparation for a minimum of three months is what many people recommend. Many people start their preparation right along with their undergraduate courses, as well. And a study plan is definitely going to help, whether one chooses to study on his/her own or take up a professional review program. AAMC recommends obtaining a copy of the Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, as a preliminary step. A visit to the AAMC MCAT website is also essential, as this is a place filled with all that you need to know about the exam. The AAMC website also has practice tests for free and a few tips and tricks that might come handy for preparing well and taking the exam.

In case of self study, one needs to take extra care that all required materials are available. Plenty of materials are available these days both online and offline. Second hand books, online webinars, seminars, videos, etc. are additional resources that one can make use of. Students should take care to review and get the basics clearly, right from the beginning. Enough time should be allotted to the study of each of the different sections of the test based on an individual student's strong and weak areas.

When joining a review program, candidates should select a program that best suits their requirements, timings, and personal style. Starting from big names like Princeton Review, Berkley Review, and Kaplan, to smaller providers, there is a large number of customizable courses or review programs available for preparation. One can choose a crash program, intensive long duration program, online program, individual tutoring, small group tutoring, tutoring for only one section of the exam, etc. as the case may be. Many professional review programs also supply candidates with enough materials to read and practice.

Prep Tests

Attempting a mock test at regular intervals should be an essential part of the study plan. As part of formal preparation programs, tests are conducted regularly by the provider to assess the progress of the students and also to enable them practice completing the test on time. However, those who prepare on their own, should make it a point to take the preparation test on their own. This way, one can not only do self assessment and make changes to the study plan accordingly, but also train oneself to complete the test within the given time. The more number of practice tests one takes, the more easily one should understand the pattern and flow of the exam; and this is going to help while taking the real exam.

Professional program providers like Princeton Review and Kaplan conduct free sample test papers locally and online. Detailed test results with tips to improvement are the advantages of these programs, and might be quite beneficial for students. The AAMC MCAT website also offers a free test online. Here are a few links to some of the other tests online:


The official e-MCAT practice tests are considered as good as real tests as they simulate the real exams in almost all aspects. These tests are the best way to gauge one's potential performance in the actual exam. These practice tests are prepared using questions from previous exams and follow the same pattern as the original exam. There are 52 questions each from Physical and Biological Sciences, 40 from Verbal Reasoning, and 2 Writing Samples. Some of these practice tests are available for free, while others can be purchased online. The official e-MCAT tests are available at:

Some of the salient features of the official e-MCAT practice tests are mentioned below:

  1. They consist of questions from previously conducted exams.
  2. They can be customized to meet the candidate's study requirements.
  3. The settings can be adjusted to simulate actual test conditions, like the timeline, or level of ease.
  4. They can include the solutions or answers, and the questions can be answered sequentially or in a random order.
  5. They provide detailed score reports on all objective type questions.
  6. Unlimited practice option is available for detailed review and study.