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MCAT Prep Classes

MCAT Prep Classes from Professionals in the Test Prep Industry

When taking Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), one should be clear that it is not for simply joining a health profession but it is a commitment which can take several years of education to become a full fledged professional. The preparation for the test also requires a great deal of dedication on your part. While one can carry out self study to take the test, you also have other options like joining the preparation classes.

Why Join MCAT Prep Classes?

Well, if you have the confidence and the discipline to carry out self study, then by all means go ahead. Personally speaking it is always better to join the classes as it gives you certain advantages:

  • You will be preparing for the test with guidance from professionals who make sure that you are as committed as them to achieve your dreams.
  • You will have a tentative idea on where you stand as compared to your counterparts.
  • The various simulated tests, that these classes offer will definitely boost up your scores (most of them even give you that guarantee).

Some of the popular  classes have been reviewed below:

MCAT Prep Classes from Kaplan

Kaplan is a well known test preparation company wherein the classes are one of the many test prep classes it offers. Kaplan provides you with a number of options to choose from such as:

MCAT on Demand- This is an online course which is available 24/7.

MCAT Classroom Anywhere-This is something like our traditional classrooms but live instructions are imparted through online classes.

MCAT Classroom on Site- Here the instructions are provided by a live instructor at a specified classroom location.

MCAT One-on-One- This one provides you with an instructor on a one-to-one basis.

For more details on these classes you can log onto the following website:


MCAT Prep Classes from The Princeton Review

This is another one of those test preparation companies which offer courses for preparation. The Princeton Review preparation classes again have various options to select from such as:

Private Tutoring: This is a 48-hour program provided on a one-to-one basis.

Small Group Instructions: This one's great for those who want to prepare for the test with their peers. It is a 48 hour instruction program offered to 4 students at a time.

MCAT Hyperlearning: These classes provide you with intensive training to give you the maximum benefit.

MCAT Live Online: This is an online classroom wherein the fees will vary according to the location.

MCAT Verbal Accelerator Live Online: This one is for those who want to improve their Reading Comprehension skills for the verbal section.

For more details log onto:


MCAT Prep Classes from Prep 101

The classes from Prep 101 offer 108 hours of classroom instructions but are however, limited to students in Canada. Conducted twice a week, you can take these classes as weeknight lectures or weekend lectures or both. The unique feature of Prep 101 is that, unlike other test preparation companies it provides you with preparation classes for unlimited time in their free repeat policy. Besides the classroom resources, Prep 101 also provides you with online lectures, e-mail tutoring and there is also an online forum wherein you can interact with instructors as well as your counterparts taking the test. The only drawback is that you won't have access to simulated tests which is provided by Kaplan or The Princeton Review.

For more on these classes log onto http://www.prep101.com/mcat/. While the preparation classes discussed can be a little bit expensive, yet there is a money back guarantee for some of the classes, if you have not performed to your optimum.