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When To Prepare From MCAT Practice Tests

There is no rigid rule that you have to follow to take the practice test of MCAT. You might think that since it is a revision test, you might wait till the end and take the practice test as revision exercises. Although it is a great idea to practice these tests for revision, you can start revising for the test along with preparation. It is always beneficial to begin practicing these tests early. By this you will be able to check if you are wrong in your ways of preparation. That means if you practice the MCAT  beforehand, you will have enough time to find your mistakes and rectify them. Another benefit of preparing from the test early is that you will be familiar with the format, scoring, types of questions etc. well in time and study for it accordingly.

It is advisable to take the section wise practice test while you are studying for the test. You can start practicing from the composite mock test of MCAT in the later part of the preparation as revision exercises. This way you will give required attention to all the sections while studying for it and also not waste time.

Sources Of MCAT Practice Tests

There are various sources that offer the practice tests for MCAT. All coaching classes offer sample tests as a part of MCAT preparation programs. Before joining a coaching class you should find out how many complete tests they offer. The more tests they offer the better it is. You can get scored for your performance and the instructors can help you out to identify your weaknesses.

You can also find practice tests from online sources. The official web site, contains complete practice tests from previously conducted tests as well as extracts from various practice tests. Here you can find complete computer-based web practice tests absolutely free. You can benefit from features like automated scoring, solved answers with explanations etc. is another web site that has free online mock tests to offer. Besides these there are other online sources that offer such mock tests either for free or for a payment of some amount.

You have various books that are based on practice tests of MCAT. Books offer you complete sample tests along with answer explanations and test taking strategies. You can choose from the following books for the same.

  1. Kaplan New MCAT Practice Test by Kaplan.
  2. MCAT Practice Tests, Fourth Edition by Kaplan.
  3. Colombia Review MCAT Practice Tests by Stephen D Bresnick, MD and William H Bresnick, MD.
  4. MCAT Practice Test A-D by the Princeton Review.

Taking ample tests is undoubtedly the best way of preparing for MCAT. Experience teaches you the most. There is no better way of learning other than practicing and experiencing. You learn from your mistakes. When you stumble while practicing, it is not your defeat but it is a chance that you get to improve and do better the next time.

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