Practice Test for MCAT

Practice is the key to mastery. It is the best way to learn. No one is born perfect, you learn only by your mistakes and follies. When you practice, you get a chance to improve and do better next time. When you experience something for the first time you take decisions and make judgments according to your knowledge and experience. These decisions or judgments may be correct, or there is a chance that they prove to be disastrous. Thus the next time you become careful not to repeat them. That is why practice is important to master any skill.

MCAT is a test that you cannot master without enough practice. Practice tests are a great tool for MCAT preparation. It is enough to teach you almost everything that you need to know about the test. Before taking the MCAT if you solve  practice tests, it gives you an idea of the test as a whole. As much ever you may prepare for the test, nothing can support it as well as a practice test can. When you prepare for the test, you will probably try to do anything that can help you to prepare for the test. But the only thing that can give you a hang of the test is the sample test. That is because it gives you first hand experience of the test before you actually take it.

What is an MCAT Practice Test?

An MCAT practice test is a replica of the actual test. It is a test that is similar to the real test in all ways. You have similar sections, pattern, questions, syllabus, marking scheme etc. You can take sample tests during preparation. The more such tests you practice, the more confident you will be for the final test. Thus it is like a rehearsal or revision that you go through to help you experience the test.

A practice test is similar to the real onr but not the same. You can take practice tests whenever you want and how many times ever you want. It is just a mock test with proxy questions. You can expect a similar test in the final test but the questions will not be the same. The idea of a sample test is just to give you a feel of the real test so that you do not find it new and unfamiliar when you actually take it.

Importance of MCAT Practice Test

Practice helps in fixing your knowledge. If you have studied for the test and learnt your lessons well, you feel that you have enough knowledge to take the test. But you can still fumble in the real test. Practice tests of MCAT helps in applying that knowledge. Any knowledge is useful only if you are able to apply it well. When you take the mock tests, you get a chance of applying your knowledge and seeing whether it is of any use or not. It will give you an idea about your preparation strategy, and tell you if you are on the right path. Following are some of the benefits of taking a practice test for MCAT.

1. Practice makes you familiar with the actual test.

2. It gives you an idea of the test as a whole, including its format, types of questions, duration etc.

3. You are able to identify your weaknesses and work upon them.

4. You can judge your performance and also get a score, which tells you where you stand.

5. You get an idea of the time you take to complete the test and improve your speed in case you are too slow.

6. Since the test is a computer-based test, you get to know the skills required to take it. Thus it makes you familiar with the computer and you will not waste time or get confused in order to understand the techniques required to operate it during the test.

Format of a Practice Test for MCAT

Since the mock tests of MCAT are similar to the real test you will find all the sections in them, as you have in the real test. Thus a mock test has 4 sections, which are Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, Writing Sample and Biological Sciences.

The first section to appear is that of Physical Sciences which has a total of 52 questions to be completed in 70 minutes. The next section is 40 minutes long Verbal Reasoning section, which consists of 40 questions. Writing Sample is the third section, where you have to write 2 essays in 60 minutes. The last section to be conducted is that of Biological Sciences. This section is 70 minutes long and consists of 52 questions in all. All the questions except the essay writing are multiple-choice questions.

Mock tests of MCAT can be classified into two types. One is a test of individual sections taken separately and the other is a composite test comprising of all the sections together. The section wise tests are extracts of each section from the composite practice tests. The section wise sample is good for you if you need practice in one of the sections in particular. You may feel the need to do this by measuring your weaknesses. For example, if you think that you need to practice the questions in Verbal Reasoning more than in any other section; you need not take a composite practice test. You can just solve more of the Verbal Reasoning practice tests than the other sections. A composite sample test is good to practice the complete test at the same time.

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