MCAT Practice Books

How to Make the Most of MCAT Practice Books

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is a technical test that requires a student to have a lot of scientific knowledge. It is therefore imperative that the students study from the best, and make the most of, the practice books for MCAT that are available today.

A list of a few good MCAT practice books:

1. The Gold Standard MCAT by Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD:

The Gold Standard MCAT is one of the most comprehensive practice books available. This book covers all the different sections of the test. Along with a study guide, the book also has a guide that helps students decipher their scores. The mode of instruction in the book is very interesting, and complicated scientific matter has been made easy with the use of diagrams and illustrations. The book contains a chapter on reviewing the Verbal Reasoning section of the test while another chapter is dedicated to a 'Five minute, Five step' instruction for the Writing Sample section. The book is a good overall guide for the test.

2. The Silver Bullet: Real MCATs Explained by Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD:

This is another book from the collection of the Gold Standard Company`s MCAT prep books. This is one of the practice books that are a combination of MCAT concepts along with practice tests for preparation. The book contains answers and explanations to the real AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) questions and exams. It caters to all the sections of the test along with suggestions and tips and memorization techniques. This book is a good addition to your test preparation resources.

3. Kaplan MCAT Review: Complete 5-Book Series:

As the name suggests, the Kaplan MCAT review is a series of books that help in reviewing and understanding all the sections and aspects of the test. The Kaplan Company is a very well-known test prep company that is keenly involved in publishing also. This book is one of the many books from the makers of the Kaplan books. This is a comprehensive guide to better your preparation for the test.

4. Cracking the MCAT by Princeton Review:

Cracking the MCAT is one of the review books from the Princeton Review. The book provides all the necessary information about the key concepts of the test. The book contains a guide to the reference material for the test. This book is very comprehensive and encompasses all sections of the test to give a student a complete overview of all aspects of the test.

5. Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests:

Kaplan MCAT Practice tests is a compilation of MCAT practice tests. The Kaplan Company claims that these are the real tests that the students will come across on the day of their examination. This compilation is another one of the famous publications by the Kaplan test-prep company. There are six editions to this book but obviously the latest edition i.e. the 6th edition contains the recent test papers of the MCAT along with explanations of the answers. This is a good resource for students who are planning to extensively practice for the test.

Following are a few tips to help you make the most out of the MCAT practice books:

  • Solve the official prep tests before buying a book so that you know your requirements from a book. The original prep tests are available at the AAMC website at the link
  • Buy books after thorough research so that you get what you want.
  • Take ample feedback from fellow students and do reference study but at the end, collate everything to study in the way that works best for you.
  • The books will not teach you anything if you do not study them well and practice the material provided in them. So, the only fool-proof way of a successful  preparation through the review books is practicing the questions over and over again.