Physics Review for MCAT

5 Helpful Books for MCAT Physical Sciences

If appearing for MCAT is a stressful thing then preparing for it is an equally daunting task. The process becomes even more difficult if you decide to prepare for the test on your own. If you wish to do self-study, then remember the onus of preparing for the test rests entirely on you. Hence, you must be sincere and diligent about your preparation. Thus, in order to help you prepare for the Physical Sciences section of the test, review of some MCAT preparatory Physics books are given in the following sections.

Prepare for MCAT Physics

Before you start preparing for MCAT on your own, you should purchase a few good preparatory books of the test. The books you purchase should give equal attention to all sections of the test. The Physical Sciences section is the first and an essential part of the test. Hence you should purchase some good Physics review books separately. Some Physics review books that you can consider are as follows:

  1. Kaplan MCAT Physics Review: The Kaplan institute has been preparing candidates for MCAT for more than a decade. Thus, the years of experience is reflected in their Physics study book. Although, it is a part of a set of preparatory books for the test, yet it can be purchased separately from for $29.70. Other than teaching you the basic concepts of Physics this book comprise 500 Physics questions similar to those you will come across in the test. It will also teach you tips, strategies and techniques to deal with the Physical Sciences section of the test. Since these tips are provided by tutors employed by Kaplan, you can be assured that they will be authentic as well as useful. Thus, if it is a holistic book that you are looking for that will teach and provide you with sufficient number of practice tests then this is the book for you.

  2. The Berkeley Review (Physics Book I and II): These MCAT Physics books are very elaborate. If you need books to teach you the basic concepts of Physics then these are the books that you should purchase. The concepts that are covered in these Physics books are as follows:
    • Translational motion
    • Force and motion
    • Gravitation
    • Work and energy
    • Equilibrium and momentum
    • Wave motion and wave characteristics
    • Sound
    • Solids and fluids
    • Electrostatics and electromagnetism
    • Electric circuits
    • Light and geometrical optics
    As you can see from the afore-mentioned list, The Berkeley Review covers the entire syllabus of the Physical Sciences section. This book is required when you begin preparing for the test. You can purchase this book from by paying $ 60.00 for the set of two books. As you progress you should purchase books that will give you sufficient practice.

  3. Examcrackers: 1001 Questions in MCAT in Physics: If you want a book to help you practice for MCAT Physics then this is probably the best book that you can buy. This book can be purchased from by paying $19.76. This book contains questions on Physics in the test's format. The questions divided according to the chapters. Moreover, they are organized ranging from easy to difficult. Thus, if a collection of practice questions is your requirement then you should purchase this book.

  4. The MCAT Physics Book by Garrett and Gary Biehle: This book teaches Physics in an interesting manner. A unique feature of this book is that it provides elaborate reviews of all the practice questions in it. It consists of 49 passages and 500 stand alone questions similar to those you will come across in MCAT. Thus, if you need practice questions whose answers come with elaborate reviews then this is the best Physics study book for you. You can purchase this book from by paying $69.30.

  5. The MCAT Physics Guide by Joseph Boone: This book is essential if you wish to refresh your memory and revise the basic concepts of Physics. This book is ideal if you want to get thorough with the subject. However, you should purchase this book if you are satisfied with your preparation and only require revision. This book too can be purchased from by paying $29.67.

Thus, from the afore-mentioned list you will be able to select the book that meets most of your requirements. But all Physics review books should contain some common features. Those features are discussed in the following section.

Features of MCAT Physics Review

Before purchasing a MCAT Physics book ensure that it contains explanations as well as practice modules. The book should also contain tips to teach you time management. In other words, it should be ideal for your entire preparation. You don’t want to purchase a book to brush up your concepts and another for practice! Thus, the books that you purchase should have a holistic approach towards Physics preparation. So taking these features into account buy a book and start preparing!