Medical Admission and MCAT

How do Medical Schools Use MCAT Scores?

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) administers MCAT. This organization aims to improve health services in the United States by increasing the number of talented doctors in the country. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) assesses students through the critical thinking, problem solving and science questions. The test consists of both multiple-choice and descriptive questions. The four test sections are as follows:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Writing Prompts

The first three test sections are evaluated separately on a 15-point scale whereas; the writing test section is evaluated on a scale of 2 to 12 and then alphabetically from J to T. In case of the Writing Prompt section, you have to give responses to two writing samples. Then, two experts on a 6-point scale evaluate them separately. Suppose that you have obtained scores of 3 and 4 on one writing sample, and 4 and 5 on other sample. Thus, your total raw score will be 16. This will be finally reported to you in the form of an alphabet. Your raw score is based on the number of answers you have answered correctly. Negative Marking is not applicable to the test. Scores for the different test sections are reported separately along with the total score. The total score consists of both types of scores i.e. the scores for the Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Reasoning test sections, and those for the Writing Prompt test section.

How do Medical Schools Use MCAT Scores?

Almost all medical schools in the United States use MCAT scores. The question that now arises is how do medical schools use test scores for offering admissions to their medical programs? The answer lies in the following explanation:

The AAMC provides you with the facility for accessing the services of the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). This program offers non-profit application processing service and is helpful only to the first year students. The AMCAS helps you in submitting an online application to the AAMC. The following information is required in the online application:

  • An online application comprises information related to your name, place of residence, your contact number and details of the schools that you have attended before taking this exam.

  • You have to provide information about all of your courses that you have studied after high school.

  • You have to communicate to the AAMC about your work-experience (if any), your extracurricular activities, awards and honors, publications etc.

  • You need to attach a maximum of ten letters of evaluation with the application. These letters are addressed to the medical colleges of your choice where you want to apply for taking admission.

  • The above-mentioned information is evaluated. It is then supplied to the medical colleges where you have planned to apply for admission.

  • Thus, you do not have to send your scores directly to medical colleges. They will be sent to them through AAMC's AMCAS program.

Medical Schools and Your MCAT Scores

Some of the renowned medical schools consider the information that is supplied to them by the AMCAS. If you want to apply to med schools such as The University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, the application forms are available online on the website

For The University of South Carolina, the application is to be submitted to AMCAS after June 1 until December 1. The test scores must be made available to the University of Carolina if you want to be considered for admission here. You must have taken this test at least twice. The test should be taken by the month of September of the same year during which you are planning to take admission to this med school. To get information in detail, you may visit the link

Emory University School of Medicine accepts application through the AMCAS. You have to start applying from May 1 until October 15 if you want to apply to this school for the fall term of the following year. If you want to gather more information, you may glance through the webpage

The above discussion conveys the role of your scores in taking admission to the med college of your choice. Alongside, one gets to know that test scores are one of the most important criteria that medical colleges consider for admitting students to their medical courses. The exam might not be a necessity for becoming a doctor, but is surely a ladder that can be chosen to acquire international standard medical knowledge. It can help you in gaining an edge above the other doctors in your league and have a flourishing medical career!