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MCAT is a high-grade exam that has been a medium for students to enter the medical colleges for more than eighty years. After having cleared this exam, it becomes easier to get admission to a medical college in the United States, Canada and other selected locations across the world. The test assesses your ability to think critically; solve complex problems that exist in the medical world and write effective excerpts as per requirement of the questions.

When you are planning to take the test, you cannot overlook some important points, such as:

MCAT Test Sections

MCAT comprises four different test sections. They are Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Prompts test sections. The details of these different test sections are as follows:

  • Physical Sciences This test section comprises multiple choice questions from topics related to physics and general chemistry. The topics that are asked from general chemistry are The Periodic Table, Bonds, Acids and Bases, Electronic Structure, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Stoichiometry, Kinetics and Equilibrium, Solution Chemistry etc. Topics that are asked from Physics are Electricity, Wave motion, Light and Optics, Fuels and Solids, Force and Motion etc. This test section consists of 52 questions that you have to answer in 70 minutes. The questions involve seven passages. Each passage consists of 4 to 7 questions. Besides, 13 autonomous questions are asked. These questions assess your problem-solving capacity and basic knowledge in Physics and General Chemistry. You may refer to the link for more details.

  • Biological Sciences This test section consists of topics such as DNA and Protein Synthesis, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Enzymes and Metabolism etc. This test section includes 52 multiple-choice questions that are to be answered in 70 minutes. To get more information, you may glance through the webpage

  • Verbal Reasoning The Verbal Reasoning test section consists of seven passages and each passage is followed by 5 to 7 multiple-choice questions. The excerpts are from the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. You have to comprehend a passage and develop the theme of the passage; evaluate arguments given in the passage; assess the sources of information; evaluate a statement for generalization etc. After you comprehend and evaluate the contents of the passage, you have to apply contents to real world problems and devise a solution to the given problem. You have to attempt 40 multiple-choice questions in 60 minutes. If you want information in detail, you may browse the webpage

  • Writing Prompts This test section involves the task of writing two essays. The time allotted to each essay is 30 minutes. Topic statements are given to you. You have to write essays according to the writing tasks that are given. To get detailed information, you may open the link.

Preparation for MCAT

There are a plethora of media around to confuse you about the course that you choose for preparation. Thus, you might make a wrong decision on choosing a medium for the exam preparations that might result in your failure in the exam. Therefore, you may refer to this article for the most effective medium for preparing for the exam.

You will be guided well for preparation for the test by its official website. It helps you in accessing both free and paid practice tests online by registering yourself with e-MCAT Practice. This service is administered by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). You may avail Practice test 3 free of cost. In addition, you will get the following facilities if you pay for the other practice tests:

You will surely experience:

  • Taking practice tests under simulated condition.
  • Unlimited access to the practice tests for one year.
  • Complete explanations for correct answers.
  • Detailed feedback through your score report.

To get detailed information, you may log on to the webpage

You may also get access to The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, 2nd Edition. This book offers you:

  • Facility for accessing about 140 questions from the actual MCATs.
  • Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.
  • Tips to approach difficult questions.
  • Sample essays for practice.

To get more information, you may refer to the search path >Buy a Test> The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam> Buy online for $30 from AAMC.

The above discussion will surely prove informative for you. You should be able to get almost all the important information that is essential to learn before you start preparing for the exam from the details provided here.