Essentials of MCAT

MCAT Testing Essentials Listed

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized test administered by the Association of American Colleges. This test is taken by students who wish to pursue a graduate course in Medicine. The scores of this test are valid for Medical colleges and universities situated in the United States and Canada. These universities proceed to admit candidates based upon the scores you obtain in the test. Although there would be further rounds of admission review processes depending upon the college, the test score is mandatory for filtering the candidates. So, if you are aiming at studying in an excellent college, then you must first know all the essentials of the test in order to start your further preparation.

Test Related MCAT Essentials

MCAT is administered as a computer adaptive test. Before the year 2006, the test was administered in the paper format. The following are a few points that explain to you the essentials of the test that you must know.

  • The very first step of knowing the essentials must be regarding the test pattern. The test comprises four sections. They are:
    1. Physical Sciences (PS)-lasts for 70 minutes.
    2. Verbal Reasoning (VR)-lasts for 60 minutes.
    3. Writing Sample (WS-lasts for 60 minutes.
    4. Biological Sciences (BS)-lasts for 70 minutes.
  • The total test time is also accommodated with two optional 10-minute breaks. The PS, VR and the BS sections consist of only multiple-choice questions. The Writing Sample section needs to be attempted in an essay format. Two topic statements with the necessary instructions are given and each essay is allotted 30 minutes.

  • Secondly, you must know the important aspects of the test pertaining to scoring. The three sections with multiple-choice questions will be evaluated based upon the raw scores that you obtain. Raw scores are nothing but the number of questions that you have attempted correctly. After the raw scores are calculated, they are equated to a score scale ranging from 0 to 15. Therefore, the maximum composite score that you can obtain in these three sections is 45 (3 times 15).

  • Each essay of the Writing Sample section is evaluated by two different evaluators, of which one is a computerized evaluation. The scores obtained from both the essays is them equated to an alphabetic grade that ranges between J (lowest) and T (highest).

Registration Essentials

You must first learn about all the requiremtns of MCAT for registration. Only then, you must proceed for registering the test dates, the score release dates and preparation plan. You must choose to register on a test date that is convenient for you in all ways. Simultaneously, you must see that the scores for the test will be released in time for your admissions. Lastly, you must see that there would be enough time for your preparation. MCAT can be registered only online and there are no other modes of registration for the test. This test is administered periodically in a year. So, first decide a test date that does not collapse with any of your other engagements. This helps you to be focused upon the exam. To find further essentials regarding registration, see the following link:

Essentials on the Day of the Test

Knowing all the details pertaining to the test and registration are not just enough. The main purpose of taking the exam is to perform well in the examination. So, you must keenly follow the test day essentials in order to perform well in the exam and achieve a high score. First, you must prepare rigorously and must not leave any stone unturned in relation to your preparation. On the day of the exam, stay confident and keep yourself cool in order to perform well. Also, you may refer to the following link to know about all the requirements of the test that you must know in order to have a hassle-free testing experience: