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'Of all the forms of media, television has the strongest influence on public opinion.'

Describe a specific situation in which television might not have the strongest influence on public opinion. Discuss what you think determines whether or not television has the strongest influence on public opinion.

You may have heard people saying that television is the best form of media. What is the reason behind this, have you wondered? This is because compared to radio, it is more appealing and what is more important is the fact that it can attract more people to it as compared to the other forms of media. This is also the reason why you will find that individuals are easily influenced by what they see on TV than what they read in the newspapers or hear on the radio. If you actually come to think of it, you will find that many people are influenced by what they see on TV. Take the example of fashion. People want to imitate the fashion sense of who they see on the television because they are influenced by what they see. No matter what the age group, a large section of the society is always affected by what they see on television because they just cannot help it. There is something about this form of media that makes them want to do certain things in a certain way.

If you look at national television channels, you will find that it does not take very long for them to reach millions of people because almost every home has a television set and as such, they are in the position to see stories or programs that would influence them. This is not to say that people will always like what they see because they are some people who may not like what is being shown on TV.

An example of this would be reality shows. If you have ever watched one of them, you will find that the responses that they will have will vary from person to person. Some of them will not believe these shows to be genuine because they just do not think so. They may have their personal reasons for it, which you and I may not know of, but the fact remains that they do not allow their opinions be influenced by it.

Another example where television may not be much of an influence is when it is compared to the internet. You must be aware how popular the World Wide Web is. These days, almost everyone goes online and there are some people who prefer to use the computer than to watch television. This is another example of people getting influenced by something else other than television. There is no denying that both the internet as well as television has influence on the general public. Those who use the internet will probably be influenced more by it than television. Those individuals who rarely use the computer may be influenced more by television than the World Wide Web.

Personally, I believe that the internet has more influence on people because these days, instead of turning on the TV to watch music videos, people are now checking them out in websites like YouTube. There was a time when people use to buy things after watching advertisements or promotional videos on television and then dial a number mentioned there to order the product but these days, people are buying things online. If you are a regular user of the internet, you will find that there are online ads placed almost everywhere and when you click on those ads, you will be taken to sites where you can buy the things or items that are being promoted. Age is a factor that may influence whether an individual will be affected by television or the internet. Middle aged people may not be used to using the computer and the internet and as such; they will depend more on television as it will be their most preferred means of entertainment. What's more, many people also watch the new channels on a regular basis and they are definitely influenced and affected by what they see there.

You see, a television is easier to operate as one simply has to turn on the TV by pressing on the remote control. When it comes to a computer, it is a bit complicated to turn on as compared to a television but those who know how to use it will not find it to be a tough task at all. It has been found that all those individuals who are young and more up-to-date with the latest technology will prefer to use the internet and as such they are less influenced by television. On the other hand, those individuals who are less familiar with computers and technology will be more influenced by it because operating a television does not require a lot of technical knowledge.

To conclude, television does have an influence over people and it has an effect on a large number of people in the society because people are used to watching it and they are continuously influenced by it. On the other hand, it is also true that the newer and younger generation is not much affected by it because they are influenced by the internet more.