Classes for MCAT

MCAT Group Tutoring Classes and Their benefits

Group tutoring classes include a group of 4-10 students, who are taught by a single tutor. The students come with a common purpose, to excel in their MCAT. Group tutoring classes provide students with the opportunity to interact with different types of students. Students of these classes have the opportunity to get diverse ideas and thoughts because of interaction with their classmates, which helps them in their studies. Group tutoring classes provide a better interaction between the tutor and students thus, providing a better academic performance. The tutor can provide individual attention to each student, as less time is spend on class management. The tutors of group tutoring classes feel more relaxed as they are able to attend to the queries of individual students, thus improving the standard of teaching.

Review of 4 MCAT Classes

  • SuccessPrep ( institute based in Atlanta GA provides a customized Group tutoring class. In this class four students are assigned into a group. This group formation helps them to interact with other students in their group. They help each other in solving a problem and also get new ideas and strategies for taking the test. Such tutoring classes start their course from the basics and moves on to the more serious concepts. The institute is located at 6969 Talkeetna CT SW Atlanta, GA 30331, United States. Phone 404-351-4955

  • The Princeton Review ( - The institute is located at 111 Speen St # 550, Framingham, MA 01701-2090, United States, Phone: +1 508-663-5050. The institute offers a Small Group Instruction course where the class size is limited to 4 students. The classes are taken by expert tutors and they provide personal feedback on your performance. They include 48 hours of live instruction and provide 19 full-length practice tests. The course provides flexibility regarding the curriculum, as you decide how much you want to learn a day.

  • Ivy Global Advantage ( provides a learning environment similar to a group tutoring class. The class size is limited to 8 and the classes are taken by expert tutors. The tutors help the students in creating a study schedule which meets an individual's needs. The students are given diagnostic tests and full-length practice tests. The class helps them in developing new strategies for solving a problem. It also provides personal feedback for each student, explaining about how they have performed and what improvements they need to make. The institute has its offices at Toronto and Vancouver and now provides classes at Kelowna, Calgary, London, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Montreal. The institute can be contacted at Ivy Global, 150 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 401, Toronto, ON M4P1E8 Phone: 416-225-4242 and at 3665 Kingsway, suite 262, Vancouver, BCV5R5W2 Phone: 604-630-0301

  • The Institute for Higher Learning ( offers its services at Ann Arbor and New York City. The institute can be contacted at 380 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1722 & 1765, New York, NY 10168, e-mail: and at 603, Church Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. The institute provides group tutoring classes, where the class size is limited to 2-4. The classes are taken by Junior Instructors, Senior Instructors (have 1 year of experience with the institute), the Department Chair (second most senior instructor), Mayssoun Bydon (founder of the institute). The services of above mentioned persons are available at a fee and you can decide the person from whom you want to learn. The institute offers a comprehensive test preparatory program named-45 MCAT program. The institute uses different techniques which include comprehensive array of instructional tools, like focused lectures, reading comprehension exercises, science drills etc.

Group tutoring classes make the students motivated; they concentrate more in the class and cooperate with each other. This makes the learning process more fun and interactive. Group tutoring classes help the student to understand a concept better and help in retaining it in their memory.