5 Options for MCAT Prep Course CDs

Electronic and online resources for MCAT preparation are gaining popularity among prospective medical students due to the level of flexibility they offer. For example, you can carry an MCAT CD almost anywhere, anytime. Most of them come for a cheaper price compared to many formal review programs available.

There have been a variety of materials available like CDs accompanying test books and other preparation and review materials. In addition, there are full audio books and audio courses for test preparation. Here is a snapshot review of five popular preparation materials-with their salient features.

1. 2012 MCAT AudioLearn

This CD is an audio book published by AudioLearn. The current edition is designed to include review materials to help you prepare for MCAT 2012. What it covers: MCAT AudioLearn is a comprehensive test preparation material and includes 4+ hours of science review. It is said to include every equation, theory, fact, and formula in the related concepts of Biology, General Chemistry, Basic Physics, and Organic Chemistry. This also helps you with the areas of critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities, in addition to improving your writing skills.

How it is helpful: Unlike many other CD programs available in the market, the content is to the point and high-yielding without any unnecessary special effects that might eventually distract you. At the same time, it employs a very casual tone. In addition to the CD option, the 2012 edition of MCAT AudioLearn is available in MP3, or as an iPhone/iPad application.

2. CLEaRS Personal CD Coach

The CLEaRS (Computerized Leaning Evaluation and Review System) is not just a CD containing textbook materials and practice tests. Instead, it is an interactive program helpful for self-study. What it covers: This CD contains a variety of study and review materials. The whole program has five learning routes-two learning, two assessment, and one practice. The primary focus is on reviewing the fundamentals of Physical and Biological Sciences. It is said to have 7,154 science laws, 12,810 tutorial screens, 42,881 multiple-choice questions, 201 short passages and thousands of practice tests. Answers to test questions are given with explanations and hyperlinks. How it is helpful: This  interactive program works as a self-study system, or like a personal tutor. The materials covered are said to be from experienced faculty. This program can assess your knowledge and skills, prepare a study plan accordingly, and provide the required supplemental teaching. The CLEaRS practice tests are adaptive and provides real-time evaluation reports.

3. ExamKrackers MCAT Audio Osmosis

This is a 12-CD set for MCAT science preparation. If you prefer to learn by listening rather than reading, or want to supplement what you have read, and spend plenty of time traveling, EK MCAT Audio Osmosis may be a good bet for you. What it covers: This one gives an excellent review of the science concepts in an easy-to-understand and to-the-point format, but in a funny/cheesy manner. However, some buyers have found a few factual errors in the CD; it is advised that you check the errata list available on the ExamKrackers website (

How it is helpful: This CD is considered a great complement to the books from the same publisher. Many people use these as supplementary resources with other preparation materials as well. As there are two persons conducting a dialog, this presentation is easier to follow and less monotonous than many other CDs available.

4. The Silver Bullet High Yield MCAT Audio MP3

This material is for MCAT-Prep and is a fully updated MP3 version of the popular Silver Bullet audio cassettes. These help you revise the concepts thoroughly and thus complement your study plan, especially if you are using The Gold Standard MCAT prep from the same publishers. What it covers: The content of this 4-hour CD includes review and study materials for Basic Physics, General Chemistry, Biology, and Organic Chemistry. Dr. Brett Ferdinand, the creator of this CD program is an eminent personality in the field of MCAT preparation. How it is helpful:The Silver Bullet  CD is a good supplementary material for study and review. You can access it in your car stereo player (provided it is compatible), iPod, or MP3 player. You can also download the MP3 file from the MCAT-Prep website ( or Ruveneco MCAT store online (, and need not wait for the CD to be shipped.

5. TPNY's Full Potential MCAT Audio Program

This set of five CDs is an audio program designed to improve the cognition of concepts through certain techniques and to help you improve your confidence. This program spans over five plus hours and contains effective and engaging methods to kindle your skills. What it covers: In the first CD, you could learn ways to improve recall. While the second CD focuses on concentration techniques, the third CD helps you build confidence. The fourth and fifth CDs focus on meditation and relaxation in that order. How it is helpful: This program can be used to supplement any other formal review program you take or as part of your self-study program. The program claims to better your potentials and boost your confidence. However, please note that this CD does not offer any material help with your subject preparation.