Features and Benefits of MCAT CBT

What is MCAT CBT?

MCAT CBT is basically a revised form of MCAT. CBT is the abbreviation for Computer Based Test. The test first began as early as 1928 and used to be known as the 'Moss Test' since it was developed by the physician F. A. Moss. It was simplified to a great extent in the 1940's and nearly 80 years after its inception, MCAT has seen yet another change that took place back in 2007 when it was turned into a computer based test. In 2005, AAMC announced that the paper-pencil test will be offered only till August and many of the testing centers converted to the computer-based test. In 2007, however, this practice replaced the paper-based test entirely. It is essentially the same but the features of the exam differ, although it tests for the same skill sets, there are numerous advantages that one can see in the test.

Features of MCAT CBT

  • The MCAT CBT is much shorter. The test duration is of 5 hours as compared to the earlier duration which was 8 hours.

  • The biggest advantage for the test is that the students receive their scores quicker than the earlier waiting time of 3 weeks.

  • The test is offered many times in one year. It has around 20 testing dates because of the simplicity of administering an MCAT CBT.

  • The test is given in much smaller and climate-controlled rooms, which was not possible earlier. This was mainly because of the large number of students that one had to accommodate in a given test center. This problem has been taken care of by the test. This is because when lesser students are appearing for the test in the same room there is little scope for disturbance.

  • In MCAT CBT students are provided with scratch paper which is useful for calculations.

  • It is a computer based test, hence, parts of the passage can be highlighted while answering reading comprehensions and students can also strike the wrong answers out on the computer screen itself, if they are using elimination as a tool to procure the right answer to a certain question. So this works like a paper-based test but with a difference.

  • The total duration of a test is 5 hours and 30 minutes. There are four sections in the test namely;

    • Physical Sciences- 70 minutes

    • Verbal Reasoning- 60 minutes

    • Writing- 60 minutes

    • Biological Sciences- 70 minutes

Advantages of MCAT CBT

Let us look at some of the advantages of MCAT CBT

  • Since this is a test we are talking about, most students would prefer a shorter and a faster version. Also it is cost-effective for the organization that is holding the test.

  • Since most students today are already familiar with computers and handle them well, it is simpler for them to use the computer to take the test.

  • Students can utilize the timer on the computer screen which is very useful for tests like the MCAT CBT since it will keep a tab on how much time are you taking to complete a section and how much time is left at hand.

  • Students can choose from more testing dates, because now it is simpler to administer the test and, the test can be held many times in a year.

  • Students receive their scores quicker in the case of the test since it is easier to score the responses of the test takers with computer testing.

It has been designed to facilitate convenience for the students and to help in choosing the best prospective premed students.