MCAT: Average Score

What Should Be Your MCAT Score to Attain Admission

MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is a standardized test with multiple choice questions. It tests both the acquired skills like problem solving, critical thinking and writing skills and knowledge of science concepts and principles. All these qualities are prerequisites for admission into a medical school.

All of the US medical schools require you to take up this test for admission in their medical schools.


The test consists of 4 sections. Three of the four sections, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Verbal Reasoning are multiple choice questions. The maximum score in each of the sections is 15. The last section is a writing section. It is graded from J to T alphabetically. J is the lowest grade and T is the highest. As your result you get the four individual scores and the total score. The total score is represented as the sum totals of your three multiple choice questions section with the grade you obtained in the writing section. For example if you have scored 39 in the three sections and an R in the writing section, your final score would be 39R. Sometimes the average score is given as the MCAT score; if a person's total score is 30 then the score is given as 10.

The average test score plays an important role in your admissions. It shows you how the other students have done in the test. The average test score varies from year to year.


Highest Possible Score


Verbal Reasoning



Physical Sciences



Biological Sciences



Writing Sample



The above table shows the average score of the different sections of the MCAT with the maximum score. If you get a score in the range of 10-11 in the 3 sections and a grade of Q in the writing section, your score is a competitive score. If you score 12+ and S+ you can get admission in the top medical schools of the US.

A person with a good score that is similar in all the three sections has a higher chance of admission than a person with extreme scores when they have the same total score. For example if two of you get a total score of 35 with the individual section scores being 11, 12, 12 and 14,14,7. The person with 11, 12 and 12 will be preferred over the other applicant.

The MCAT score alone does not decide your medical school admission. Your GPA also plays an important role. The general rule is that when you total your GPA and the MCAT score, the total gives you the percentage of a possible admission. If a person has 3.0 as the GPA and 35 as the MCAT score, he has 38% chances of getting admitted in a medical school.

MCAT Cut-off

If you get an MCAT score less than 25 your chances of getting admitted into an allopathic medical school is bleak. You may try for osteopathic medical schools, podiatry medical schools and Caribbean medical schools. For the prestigious medical schools the MCAT score should be above 35.

Most medical schools use MCAT score for screening. Only if your score is above their cut-off score, they will look into the application. Thus you may not get an interview call if you have a low score even if your application is otherwise strong.

The average cut-off varies slightly for the top medical schools. The table below gives the average cut-off scores of the top 5 medical schools in the US.

Medical School

Section Average

Total Score Average

Harvard Medical School



University of Pennsylvania



John Hopkins Medical School



University of California



Washington University



A good MCAT score is essential for admission into a reputed medical school.