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In order to appear for the test you need to get yourself registered for it. You can register for the MCAT online by visiting While registering you will be required to choose a date when you wish to take the test. You should choose a date that fulfils the requirements of the college you wish to apply to. Also while registering for the test you are required to give your willingness of joining a medical college in writing by accepting a statement for the same. You must get registered for the test before the deadlines is over, which is approximately 2 weeks before the date of the test. For a registration after the deadline, you need to pay an extra fee.

It is important to know about the registration fee payment methods. The payment for the registration is done by credit cards. Credit cards of either MasterCard or Visa are accepted. The fees once paid is non refundable. A refund is possible only in special cases and for this you need to request for it at the official web site. You can also check your test center, or cancel your registration through this web site. Go to the official web site to know more details about registration.

MCAT Score

Here is some information about MCAT scoring system which will help you in interpreting the test scores.

The three sections of the test, that is the Physical Science, Verbal Reasoning and the Biological Sciences, are scored on a scale of 1 to 15. Your scores in the three sections will be added up to give you a final score that can range between 3 and 45. 15 is the highest you can get in a particular section while 1 is the lowest score. A score of 8 is considered an average score. Writing Sample is given a grade between J and T, where the average score is O. Thus your final score will be a total of the three sections along with the grade of the Writing Sample. Hence the maximum score that can be obtained in the test is 45 T and the average score is 24 O.

Since the test is a computerized test, the scoring is also done with the help of the computer. All the multiple-choice questions are easily and accurately scored with the help of a computer. The scores of the test are valid for up to 3 years, but each college can have their own policy regarding the same.

It takes about 30 days for your result to be declared. The result can be viewed on the official web site which is Information regarding additional score report and AMCAS score release can be obtained by writing to You will get a reply to you request within 72 hours. You can send your scores to various colleges of your choice by the help of American Medical College Application Service.

The test determines how our future doctors are going to be. Students are classified according to the score they get in the test as brilliant, average and below average. The colleges take these classifications as genuine and give admission to the ones who have scored high in it. That is why all the methods used to make it standardized and fair are justified.

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