Low Score in MCAT

Understanding Low MCAT Score and Its Implications

Getting a low score in MCAT will definitely make it difficult for you to get admission in a medical school. Generally, MCAT scores of 25 and less than that are considered as low. If your score is low, the medical school admission committee will judge that you have poor knowledge in science subjects. They will also come to a conclusion that you have poor thinking, interpreting and analyzing skills. Though the test's score is not the only factor considered during the admission process, it is definitely one of the main aspects used to filter the candidates from the total number of applicants.

Since medical school admission selection committees greatly depend on MCAT and GPA test scores, it is better to avoid getting low scores in MCAT. Moreover, getting an above-average score will help you greatly to get admission for a medical course in a medical school of your choice.

What Can I Do if I Get a Low MCAT Score?

You can attempt the MCAT test for a maximum of three times in a year. So, before applying to a medical school, consider to take another MCAT test if you get a below-average or very low score in the test.

You can also search for the US medical schools that may accept your test's score. If your MCAT score is low, you still have the possibility of getting into a medical course if your GPA score is high. On the other hand, if your GPA and MCAT scores are low, you have the least or no possibility of getting into a medical school in the US unless you are very talented in other aspects considered by the admission selection committees. However, you may have the chance to get into a Caribbean medical school. You can also search for the medical schools that do not require MCAT scores for admission into their medical courses.

How to Avoid Low MCAT Scores?

If you are very much interested to get into a medical course in the US, it is recommended that you improve your MCAT score. A few secrets to avoid low scores in MCAT are given below:

  • Start Your MCAT Preparation Well in Advance Try to start your preparation at least three to six months before the exam date. This time period will help you to understand everything required for writing the exam effectively. Moreover, it will give you enough time for taking up many practice test papers.

  • Have Excellent Preparation Try to prepare well for the test either through self-study or through some reliable and experienced professional guidance. You can take up one of the best online or onsite test courses, and prepare well earnestly and confidently. A few of the best courses are Kaplan's MCAT course, Examkrackers' MCAT course, Princeton's MCAT course and MCAT Elite or Kabir Academy. If you have selected the right course or study materials, you can definitely avoid low scores.

  • Take Up Many Practice Exams An effective and very useful idea to improve your test scores is to take up as many practice exams as possible. The more practice exams you attempt sincerely, the greater will be your chance of getting better scores in the test. It will help you to understand the MCAT exam very well. Moreover, it will improve your abilities required for writing the test effectively. Also, it will help in increasing your speed and confidence for completing the test successfully. Prepare well and take up the exam confidently. The tips given in this article will be very useful for avoiding low scores. Try to know more effective tips for improving your MCAT score by browsing through the Internet.