Utility Of The MCAT Courses Offered By Gold Standard Publications

Salient Features of Gold Standard Test Prep

Gold Standard is an MCAT preparatory company specialising in preparation material for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Its website is as follows: www.goldstandard-mcat.com The courses are not live courses or full-time classroom courses. They are very unique courses through videos and books and live camps. The man behind this company is a doctor by the name of Dr. Brett Ferdinand.

Following are the salient features of the Gold Standard MCAT test prep:

  • The Gold Standard company offers a range of books and courses that can help a candidate prepare for the MCAT.

  • Their options are very exhaustive and can be purchased online.

  • The format of all the study material is very comprehensive and brief. They do not believe in elaborate courses.

  • The company takes pride in its new approach towards MCAT preparation.

  • The options are books, flashcards, audio CDs and DVDs, practice tests etc.

Some prep options from Gold Standard MCAT test prep are:

  • The Gold Standard new MCAT CBT Deck of Flashcards (Science Review) by Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD: This is a set of flashcards that help in the preparation of the MCAT. The flashcards have tips for around 200 Chemistry topics, are illustrative in nature, provide tips for the Writing Sample section and techniques that can be used for the Verbal Reasoning section also. The flashcards are very entertaining and can be used as games with fellow students to prepare for the MCAT in a casual yet effective way.

  • The Gold Standard MCAT by Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD: The book includes ten hours of video to help in preparation for the test. The Gold Standard book helps in the Science sections of the MCAT using an illustrative method. The book also gives a five- step approach to solving the Writing Sample section. The new MCAT is computerised so the book provides techniques to ace the new MCAT. This book can be ordered online and the deck of flashcards is available at a concession if ordered with this book.

  • Practice MCAT Tests Gold Standard Test Publication, 10 Online Practice Tests; AAMC Format: This is an online option. It requires a candidate to have a system with Internet. The process is exactly like answering a live MCAT examination. The student taking this course can have access to around 10 hours of practice videos and several preparation-tests. The student can also interact with fellow test takers in real-time through the forum.

  • Complete MCAT Book Package for Home Study: A comprehensive program by the Gold Standard that includes books, audio MP3, 16 DVDs, flashcards and practice tests. This package is designed especially for the students looking for a self-preparation option from home.

  • Complete MCAT Course-The Platinum Package: This is an MCAT preparation program by the Gold Standard that includes Textbooks, MP3, 17 videos and live online courses.

  • The Gold Standard MCAT Camp: A live course with Dr. Brett Ferdinand, MD that also provides home study material. In the camp a student has access to a single room with breakfast and lunch. This is a six- day intense live program that is conducted by the famous Dr. Brett Ferdinand who takes students through all the concepts of the MCAT and sets the students up for success at the MCAT. This program is a very unique feature of the Gold Standard preparatory options.

About Dr. Ferdinand:

Dr. Brett Ferdinand is an award winning surgeon who is very well known for his approach towards the MCAT and his lectures are very sought after by aspiring candidates. He travels through most of the Unites States to provide course options to the students of the MCAT. His books are the foundation of the Gold Standard publications.