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Where can I find free MCAT practice tests?

You can find free practice test on the internet by using any search engine like the one utilized by There are a number of web sites that offer practice test. Kaplan’s web site, is one such web site that offers numerous practice test for free. Kaplan is a well known name in the test preparation industry. Kaplan also organizes free events and workshops for students preparing for MCAT. You will find links to information to all such free events from its web site. There are a number of educational institutions and preparatory institutions that keep organizing free practice test sessions from time to time. Keep yourself updated on all such events taking place in your locality. Try and avail the facility of a taking free mock tests whenever the opportunity for taking one comes up in your neighborhood.

You can go to the following website: for free practice tests. This is the webpage for some sample tests on MCAT’s official web site. The official web site, contains links for some more practice tests that can be bought at a nominal price. You should definitely consider spending some money in buying these sample tests as taking these practice tests will be beneficial by virtue of their having been prepared by the AAMC itself. You will also find some free sample questions, from the practice test sets, on the official web site. Go through the sample questions to get an idea of the types of questions in the practice test sets before buying them.

Have you ever wondered why the preparatory institutes go all out to conduct special free events? More than anything else, their interest lies in spreading the word about their institute and giving the students a glimpse of all that their courses have to offer. There are a number of students who register for preparatory courses after taking such free practice tests. Whether you intend joining a course or not, make the most of free practice tests whenever you come to know of such an event being organized. You should always keep in mind that a judicious use of the sample examinations and detailed analysis of the test results will go a long way in helping you succeed in the MCAT and ultimately securing admission to a desired medical college program.

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