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The average score required for admission to a medical college program may vary from college to college. Most medical institutions lay down a cut off value for the MCAT scores required for admissions. An average score of 11 or above in each section may be required if you are keen on getting admission to a reputed medical institution. The average test scores required by reputed medical colleges is P or Q for the section with the writing sample. You may have to do a survey on your own to investigate the average scores of the students who gained admission to your desired medical college program in the last session. This may help you to gauge the average scores that you will have to earn in each section in order to be in the running for admission to your desired medical college.

On searching the internet, you will come across several web sites like: that give you endless information on the average scores required for admissions to various medical colleges. The responsibility of authenticity of data provided rests entirely with the web site providing the data. The data may not be very accurate but it does give you an idea of the average scores of the students who were admitted to the medical college in recent years. The web site quoted above requires you to enter your MCAT scores and it will then generate a list of medical schools in the state of your choice and give you information regarding the position of your test scores with respect to the average scores required for admission to each medical college.

Most medical colleges consider the average test scores, required by them, public by publishing them on their web sites and newsletters. Keep collating such data as and when you come across it. This information will be useful for you when you get your scores after you have taken the test. You will then be able to prepare thoroughly for the interview for the college which considers your MCAT scores as highly competitive.


Ideally your total MCAT score should be above 30 with a minimum score of 11 in each section and a P or a Q in the Writing Sample section. Test scores of this level are considered high and they increase your chances of getting admission to a desired medical college program. You should not ignore the fact that your individual section scores will be considered by the medical college admission committees. So you should strive hard to do equally well in all the sections of the test.

Your test scores are considered in conjunction with your college GPA. If you have a high college GPA then an average score in each section that is slightly less than 10 may still be considered competitive by some medical schools. Along with this test scores and the college GPA the medical college admission committees will also consider other criteria like your essays and letters of recommendation. So, do not despair if you are not able to score high in the MCAT. Your other credentials may be able to help you in securing admission. If you are still not able to make it to the medical college of your choice, then you can exercise the option of taking a retest. Taking a remedial preparatory course before the retest may help in increasing your average test score when you take the MCAT again.

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