Vital Information Regarding AMCAS MCAT

Features and Utility of AMCAS for MCAT

AMCAS MCAT or American Medical College Application Service is used by the future medical students, appearing for Medical College Admission Test, for applying to various medical colleges in the United States. The service is offered by AAMC or Association of American Medical Colleges. AMCAS offers a non-profit, online service to the students appearing for MCAT. It serves as a common platform for applying to various medical schools. This saves the effort, time and money if you had to apply through different sources. By filling up one test application a candidate gets noticed by various medical schools. This service is used by the students entering the first year of medical college.

Utility of AMCAS

Most of the medical schools in the United States use the AMCAS for granting M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degrees. Other medical schools consider AMCAS but also have their own application forms, which need to be filled up.

Contact Information of AMCAS

AMCAS can be contacted at 202-828-0600, which is an automated calling system. You need to have your AMCAS ID for getting details through the automated system. Any queries can be addressed through e-mail: Other information's concerning this examination is available at the following website:

Features of AMCAS

  • It offers a very helpful menu option, 'help' which can be referred to at any time of confusion. AMCAS application requires you to furnish information concerning you personally and also the details concerning your education. As the service is the initial source through which the medical schools know about you, you have to be clear about the information which you furnish. There should be a positive attitude while presenting yourself to the various schools. The various achievements in different fields need to be mentioned to present a positive impression.

  • The personal details include your name, your place of stay, your contact info etc. In case of any change in the contact information it needs to be updated immediately to ensure proper delivery of information.

  • The course work section requires you to enter details regarding the courses that you have studied in your school. The work/ Activities section requires you to enter a maximum of 15 experiences that include extracurricular activities, details of any awards received, details of any work that you have published etc. The details need to be mentioned in an order like the date of experience, total time spend in the activity, a reference, the location of the activity and a description of the experience.

  • Medical School section allows you to enter details regarding various medical schools to which you wish to apply.

  • A maximum of 10 Letters of Evaluation can be added under Letters of Evaluation section, where you will provide information regarding the various letters that you are sending and the recipient medical school's address.

  • The essay section allows you to enter details about you, which you have not mentioned anywhere in the application. The essay is more of a personal statement which explains why you want to become a doctor, how you have prepared yourself for becoming a good doctor etc.

  • The standardized test section requires you to enter details regarding the various MCATs that you have appeared for and their scores.

Since the application is submitted online, before submitting, all the details need to be re-checked to avoid any mistakes. Once submitted, you are permitted for only a few changes, like updating your contact information, addition of more medical school options etc. While submitting the application the required fees should be submitted along with it. After submission, you need to constantly check the status of your application.

Once the application has been submitted, an acknowledgement will be sent through e-mail. It can take up to six weeks for the processing of the form to begin. In case of incomplete application, it will be returned. You can submit the necessary details of the application form again, if AMCAS officials ask you to do so.

A candidate appearing for MCAT should fill the AMCAS form also. This provides an exposure to greater opportunities with a little effort.