Utility Of Employing Private LSAT Tutor

Professional Help from a Private Tutor

Preparing for LSAT is as daunting a task as the examination itself. However, preparation is the most important element for a satisfactory score. Thus, you should select a preparatory method that meets most of your requirements. Most candidates, preparing for LSAT, enroll in preparatory course. But, sometime candidates require personal professional help, which you will not get in a classroom session. If you think you need personal help of a tutor then you should take the help of a private tutor. However, before you select the tutors ensure that the services provided by them are customized according to your requirements. Some essential features of the services provided by a private tutor are discussed in the following section.

How to Select an LSAT Tutor

Registering for the help of a private tutor can be quite expensive. Thus, before you select a tutor ensure that the following features are present in the services provided by him/her:

  • The tutor should be able to help you identify your weaknesses and teach you strategies and techniques to overcome them

  • Your tutor should also help you get familiar with the language of the test, i.e., the legal jargon that is sometimes used in LSAT. If you become used to the language then understanding and logically analyzing the questions become easy.

  • Your tutor should also provide you with tips and strategies to help you solve the questions correctly and quickly. Time is of the essence in a test, thus, proper time management is essential if you wish to fare well in the examination.

  • The help provided by your tutor should not end with the LSAT. He/she should help you write your personal statement and help you select the law schools where you should send your admission applications to.

Thus, the help provided by a private tutor, should be holistic in nature, so that it addresses all the problems that may arise during and after your examination. Taking into account the afore-mentioned features, some of the private tutors that you can consider are discussed in the following section.

Tutors to make Your LSAT Preparation Easier

A private tutor can be an extra help that you seek along with your preparatory course or is the person singularly responsible for your preparation. Usually, tutors are employed by institutes that offer courses, but sometimes tutors work independently too.

One such institute providing the service of private tutors is the Test Masters Private Tutoring (www.testmasters.net) course. They offer one-on-one sessions with their tutors personally, as well as, online and through telephone. The online and telephonic sessions are for candidates who have time and traveling constraints. You can pay for these one-on-one sessions on an hourly basis or enroll in one of their 10hrs or 25 hrs packages by paying $150/hr, $1250 and $2750, respectively. They also have a platinum package for $6750, and it comprises

  • 80 hrs session with a private tutor
  • The entire set of Test Masters course books
  • 24 hrs tutor support
  • Complete access to Test Masters library

Moreover, the tutors in their employment provide support not only for the LSAT but also through the admissions process. Thus, if it is flawless service that you require then you should enroll in a one-on-one session with a tutor in Test Masters. You can reach them at tutoring@testmaters.net or 800 696 5728.

If you are looking for good instructors at competitive price then you could take the help of the private tutors of Get Prepped (www.getprepped.com). The classes offered by them are customized according to your requirements. They offer 15 hrs of one-on-one sessions with their tutors that can be covered within 1 or 10 weeks according to your requirements. The price of the course material is included in the course fee of $1299. Moreover, you can attend and review the classes of some tutors before you select your private tutor. Thus, if it is customized tutor service then you can contact them, by clicking on the following link: www.getprepped.com or by calling 800 508 4473.

If you require a private tutor, who offers home tutoring then you could take the help of Parliament Tutors (www.parliamenttutors.com). Their tutors offer 4,8,16 and 24 hrs course for which you will have to pay by the hour. Moreover, this course is inclusive of 16 full length mock tests. So if it is practice that you are looking for then you should take the help of a tutor from this institute.

Thus, based on the afore-mentioned reviews you can now select the tutor of your choice. A tutor is essential if you are not confident enough to prepare for LSAT on your own. So enroll the help of a private tutor, so that you can be assured of personal help and start preparing for the examination.