Studying For The LSAT

5 Important LSAT Studying Techniques

LSAT is a competitive exam. Here the knowledge of the person is not tested. The acquired skills like logical analysis, logical reasoning and reading comprehension are tested. This is a timed test. So speed is very important. Usually any person will be able to answer the questions but answering it within the shortest time is the skill. When a person answers a question quickly it shows that he/she is able to understand the question very fast. Applying proper preparatory techniques are very important to get a high score. Only with a high score can one get admission into a reputed law school.

The 5 most important studying techniques are,

  1. Decide on the method of study
  2. Prepare with original test material and study one section at a time
  3. Use Diagnostic and Mock tests and time the tests
  4. Allot time for mistake analysis
  5. Relieve the stress
  • Method of Study: The methodology to study for an examination is very important. There are many methods to prepare. One can take up a live course, online course, self study or private tutoring. All the methods have merits and demerits. The decision should be taken by the individual based on the advantages, disadvantages of the course and the individual's mind set and temperament. The method that suits one may not be good for the other. No method is the best or the worst.

  • Preparation: The preparation should be supported with good books and proper study materials. The understanding of the concepts is very essential for answering the questions. The questions are all based on acquired skills. One can acquire these skills by good and thorough preparation. There are 3 different sections, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning, in the examination. Preparing for the test should be done section by section. In each section there are different types of problems with different logics involved. So understanding of the logics from the basic concepts level will help in solving the problems better. Hard work is very important to get a good score. While working, the individual's full concentration must be on the exam. The hard work one puts in must be effective. Repeatedly working out the problems will increase your speed. As a result of this, more questions can be answered.

  • Diagnostic and Mock LSATs: When one starts to prepare for the test, a diagnostic test must be taken. This will show the person where he/she stands. The sections with lower scores can be given more attention. Mock tests should be taken periodically to evaluate oneself. As many old real assessment papers as possible must be solved. All these tests must be timed.

  • Time for Understanding the Mistakes: After one takes a mock test, time has to be allotted for understanding one's mistakes. The time spent for mistake analysis is as important as the studying time. When the tests are timed, one can understand where he/she spent a lot of time. The analysis of the answer paper will shed light on the strong and weak areas of the candidate. This analysis must be kept in mind while preparing after the mock tests.

  • Stress Relief: Students who are taking up the examination are under tremendous stress. One cannot perform well under stress. So, enough measures need to be taken to reduce the stress level. Timely breaks must be taken. When one decides to prepare for the test if the above 5 points are followed, he/she will definitely get a good score. One must understand that only 2 or 3 right questions in each section separate a 95 percentile candidate from 90 percentile candidate. So each right answer adds value to your score.