LSAT Study Tips

Study tips for LSAT will help you plan your approach toward the test. Learning from others is the best policy for the preparation of any competitive exam. These tips are also designed on the same lines. We present you some here:

  • Choose an exam date that allows you at least three months of time for preparation.
  • Multiple attempts of the test do not improve the scores. Many law schools simply take the average of all your attempts. Therefore multiple attempts are advisable only if you are quite sure of remarkable improvement in your scores.
  • Preparation should start with a diagnostic test. It will explain you about your take off levels. It also makes you familiar with the test pattern.
  • Study all the sections of the exam but study one section at a time.
  • Always study from a guide that has answers and explanations to every revision question.
  • Follow a lot of practice tests.
  • As far as possible take the practice tests in similar time conditions as the actual test.
  • Evaluate your performance every time you take the test and try to improve on your weaker sections.

LSAT Test Taking Tips

This is a test of your aptitude and not of memory. You should therefore learn how to process the given information as fast as possible to come to the correct answer. Tips are very useful in this regard. They help you focus on the exam and speed up your answering. Some of them are as under:

  • Exam questions are based on multiple choice answers, negative markings. Therefore, never leave any answers blank.
  • Do the easier questions early and as fast as possible. This way you will have more time for tougher questions.
  • Use guesswork if you cannot find the correct answer quickly.
  • Use all the test taking strategies like the elimination process while answering.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (preferably in layers) for the exam.
  • Take a lot of sleep the night before your exam.

Last Minute LSAT Study Tips

  • Do not study till the last day.
  • You may just scan through the exam pattern once.
  • Take adequate sleep the night prior to your exam.
  • Keep all the required documents ready that you need at the test center.
  • Just confirm the route you are taking to reach the test center in time.
  • Keep focused and think positively.
  • Just scan the test taking strategies that you have learned during your preparation.
  • Do not try to learn anything new on the last day.

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