Utility Of LSAT Private Tutoring Services

The Best LSAT Private Tutoring Through Companies

Private tutoring is offered by various companies to help in the preparation of the LSAT exam, which is a standardized test to measure the suitability of a student for law school education. Following is a list of a few of the private tutoring companies and a brief about their courses:

1. Manhattan LSAT:

Erstwhile called Atlas LSAT, this company is designed specially to meet the needs of students preparing for the exam. This is conducted in two ways. First is the one-on-one live classes with a teacher and the second is the virtual live classes where a real teacher is available for tutoring online. It is very technologically advanced in its approach and the courses offered by the company for private tutoring are very varied.

A few tenets of its courses are:

  • The motive of the company is to help the candidates procure very high scores.
  • Teachers are all 172 plus average scorers.
  • Manhattan private tutoring courses are very competitive in nature and require a lot of inputs from the students.
  • They do not have very elaborate sessions and students are expected to be very quick and precise.
  • There are 'LSAT Resources' in its website (www.manhattanlsat.com) to assist the students while preparing for the exam. Some of those resources are; free LSAT workshop, LSAT logic games challenge, free downloads of the LSAT strategy guides, general LSAT information etc. etc.
  • 12 recorded classes available in this tutor that provide students with extensive data.

2. PowerScore:

The PowerScore range of bibles has long been the most sought after books used in the preparation of the exam. It is one of the better known companies for exam private tutoring. The website is as follows: www.powerscore.com

 A few tenets of its private tutoring courses are:

  • Gamut of options starting from 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours, 64 hours and unlimited (open ended) private tutoring courses.
  • Very well qualified tutors, most have an exam percentile of 99% and above as claimed by the company.
  • Customized packages for every student. You need not buy a whole package. You can pay for a few hours of private tutoring only.
  • Books and catalogues included.
  • Tutors are assigned based on student requirements. If you need help only in one section then an expert for that section will be assigned to you and so on and so forth.
  • The courses by PowerScore are available online for purchase or trial.
  • Weekend courses are also available where the tutor will be available at a time and place specified by you.

3. Kaplan Company LSAT private tutoring:

The Kaplan courses are from the Kaplan Company, which is famous for books on the exam. Kaplan courses are differently structured to suit full -time and part- time preparation options. Its website is as follows: www.kaptest.com

A few tenets of this company course are:

  • The student can design his/her own study schedule and time framework
  • The course gives every student full access to all the books and resources for the test that are otherwise provided to the students of full-time classroom courses.
  • Extensive reviews and tests conducted in the Kaplan private tutoring courses.
  • Test question papers for all the previous years are provided for practice.
  • You can calculate your scores through the online score calculator of Kaplan which is available to all students.

4. TestMasters LSAT private tutoring courses:

TestMasters provides students with options for exam preparatory courses. The students can take up tutoring via the phone, personally or online. Its website is as follows: www.testmasters.net

A few tenets of the courses are:

  • Diagnostics are done by every tutor to understand what exactly are the student's needs and then the course is taken further.
  • The tutors are very well qualified.
  • Courses have an hourly structure ranging from 10 hours to unlimited number of hours.
  • Teaching time-management techniques is also part of the course curriculum which can be very helpful to most students.
  • Students can customize their course schedules according to the time and place convenient for them.
  • If you are uncomfortable having someone around when you are studying and just need someone to help you when you need help, then the telephonic tutoring will be best for you. It is also for people who are travelling and yet want to prepare for the exam. It can help you prepare for the exam without having to think about infrastructural needs.