Preparing For LSAT In Seattle

LSAT Prep Options in Seattle

Sea of Opportunities in Seattle

Seattle is one place where you will find absolutely anything that suits you and in the package that you want it in. Exam preparation classes are no exception. In order to prepare for LSAT, Seattle is in fact, a perfect place. This is because the classes may not be very popular all around the world but then they are comfortably full with prospective LSAT test-takers and you will certainly not be disappointed. In case of preparation, Seattle has an added advantage since most of the crowd runs to the New York and Washington test centers and you can have a hassle-free testing period since there is a great chance that you will get the centre you have opted for.

LSAT Prep Courses in Seattle

  1. Sandweiss: Sandweiss has been preparing students for LSAT for almost 15 years. Sandweiss has helped thousands of test takers in Seattle to get into reputed law schools all over the United States and the world. Sandweiss believes in all-round preparation and is completely aware of the procedure of admissions for law schools and offers excellent advice and counseling for students who want to take admission into law schools. Sandweiss, Seattle offer multiple options for preparation for students coupled with innovative and fun logic games that sharpen the student's mind and prepare them to face the exam. They also have individual and group exam tutoring which offers all the registered students weekly classroom and online sessions. They also offer a wide range of drop-in study session which is a more informal form of study from which students are highly benefitted because of the interactions in this study session. Each study group is assigned a tutor who presides over the study of students and understands their requirements and clears their doubts in conceptual problems.

  2. The Steven Klein Company: Steven Klein, Seattle offers free seminars in exam preparation encouraging students to join them and experience their mode of teaching. Steven has been in the teaching and education industry for many years and has offered personalized preparation for a number of years and is known to be highly experienced in this aspect. They offer an exam course of 36 hours over a period of 9 weeks. Their classes meet once in a week for four hours and Steven Klein is dedicated in teaching the test takers tips and methods to increase their baseline score. They also instill in the students the ways of improving their skills in specific areas. They provide all that is required for preparation and are known to use the original exam guides as study materials to be given to the students for preparation. Although classes are held once a week there is individual tutoring available for extra help in studying although they assure the students that they won't need extra help once they attend the classes. Steven Klein's preparation for exam, Seattle classes are a true small wonder.

  3. Manhattan Review: Although they have the name 'Manhattan', they function in 12 different cities apart from Manhattan. Manhattan exam preparation, Seattle is the newbie in preparation classes and they have worked remarkably well ever since their inception. They offer classroom as well as online preparation classes which are scheduled at different time zones all over America. They provide real official guide questions, handouts, home study guidelines and most importantly actual test questions for practice. They offer an all-inclusive study package that has helped hundreds of students to score amazingly well in exam in the past years.

Apart from the above-mentioned classes, you can also enroll in the famous test classes conducted by Kaplan, Princeton Review, Powerscore and TestMasters. You can also try Blueprint; however the budget for all these classes are on the higher end although they come with a guarantee of high scores just like the others.