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LSAT Prep Tools and Test Taking in New York

LSAT Test Prep in New York

If you are from New York City, or have been living there for quite some time, you may have understood by now that it offers a sea of possibilities for absolutely everything and everyone. Finding the right course for preparation in New York City is not difficult, provided you search in the right direction.

LSAT Test Prep Classes Held in and Around New York

  1. Manhattan LSAT: -The focus for Manhattan LSAT has always been a 170+ score for all aspirants who enroll with them. This is the marked difference between Manhattan LSAT and other classes. Manhattan LSAT focuses on basic strategies coupled with numerous practice sessions using their strategies; a tip that never falters. Their advantage over other classes is that they have the best teachers in the city, who are respected and paid extremely well. The teachers hold a 99 percentile in real-time exams and go through a rigorous training process to be eligible for teaching. Secondly, the company focuses on a smaller class size that does not exceed over 18 in in-person classes and over 30 in online classrooms. They also guarantee that although students may begin with bad or mediocre scores, they will improve greatly once they join the Manhattan classes. Each and every approach for the test is tackled differently by them. They believe that all kinds of tools and preparation are required to be the best and that's exactly what they aspire to make; the best scores. That's the sole reason why these tutorials are preferred more than any other classes.

  2. MLIC LSAT Prep Courses: If you are not looking for very high profile sessions, you can consider the MLIC LSAT Prep Course, which may not be very popular but is no less in delivering efficiently. It offers a disciplined and a structured approach for the test. It may be a small firm but it takes its students and the confidence of the students in them very seriously. A total of 120 hrs of training, split into three stages provides a very good understanding of the concepts, which is required for clearing the exam. The best part about MLIC is the numerous methods they have found to crack the test even if you don't have the advantage of great scores in high school to back you up. For example: they have devised a way to get the correct answers for Reading Comprehension questions even though you may not have the time to read the entire passage. MLIC is surely the way to go if you are looking for more personalized training for LSAT.

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LSAT Test Centers

There are numerous test centers in and around New York where you can take the LSAT.

Some of the Test Centre Locations in New York City are:

3603 Bronx, Fordham University

3600 Brooklyn, C.U.N.Y.-Brooklyn College

3617 Brooklyn, South Shore High School

3170 Brookville, C. W. Post-Long Island University

3620 Flushing, Queens College

3157 Hempstead, Hofstra University

3605 Jamaica, Saint John's University

3175 New Paltz, SUNY-New Paltz

3602 New York, Columbia University

3656 New Yorkm Eleanor Roosevelt High School

3632 New York, Fordham University School of Law

3604 New York, New York University

3174 Pleasantville, Pace University

3180 Poughkeepsie, Marist College

3160 Poughkeepsie, Vassar College

3184 White Plains, Pace University School of Law

Before you select a test centre, check that the centre is known to you or is close by. Also, in case of an unfamiliar location, always visit the test centre once before the actual test day.