Essential Materials for LSAT

LSAT Materials You Should Not Miss

Study materials are very important when you are preparing for any test or exam. When you are preparing for a competitive exam like the LSAT, the books and other materials you choose will have a direct effect on the marks you score. There are lots of study options available in the market. You must be very careful in selecting books. If you have too many books, it may lead to confusion. Thus a few good books are what is required for preparing well and scoring high.

Apart from books, you can choose other types of study matter from websites which offer free mock tests and forums where all test related details are discussed. Software and mobile apps are two of the latest additions to the technological advancements in preparing for tests.


For any type of learning, books form the basis. Though there are different ways by which you can learn, all those do not equal to studying from a book. A variety of books are available that can help you adequately for the test. These books can be broadly classified into the official guides and the unofficial guides.

The Official Guides

LSAC, or the Law School Admission Council is required to release all the test papers. The compilation of these official tests' papers is published as books. These books contain only the questions. They are:

10 Actual LSATs

10 More Actual LSATs

The Next 10 Actual LSATs

LSAC has published four actual test papers with answers and explanations as books:

The Official LSAT SuperPrep- It has explanation for three actual LSAT tests.

The Official LSAT PrepTest with Explanations- Some updates have been made in this book and is now called LSAT Itemwise.

These books are available at You can also get a copy of the books by placing an order at The Amazon website,, has new and old books for sale. One can buy from here also.

The Unofficial Guides

Many of the companies that coach for LSAT have published books. Some of them include answers to the prep books published by the LSAC and some of them are books that explain the theory and methodology to solve the problems.

LSAT Logic Games Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking the Logic Games Section of the LSAT by David M. Killoran- The is a very useful book to prepare for the Logic Games section. It provides a comprehensive explanation for questions from this section.

Master the LSAT (Prep Course Series) by Jeff Kolby and Scott Thornburg- Four question papers have been analyzed in this book. An answer is given for each question along with the explanation and methodology for solving the problem.

LSAT Explained: Unofficial Explanations for "The Next 10 LSAT PrepTests"- This book also includes a series of sample test papers to help you solve a variety of questions. The explanation for arriving at the answer is also given.

Other good books include 'Manhattan LSAT Strategy Guides' and 'LSAT Practice Book'. has all these books. Both new and old books are available. You can place the order and the book will be delivered at your doorstep.

Internet Material and Useful Websites

In today's cyber world, you can get any information on the internet but you should know where to search for the information. Much of the information found on the internet may not be true, so you must be careful in choosing the right material. site offers many test papers for free. - This site provides a free sample test with answer explanations.

LSAT Software

In addition to books, there are other modes of preparation, such as software and CDs. These also include information about tackling the Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension sections along with examples under different categories. The main advantage of using software/CD is that you can select any section or subject area at the click of a mouse without searching for it for long. Most of these include practice test papers as well. These test papers are scored by the software and it remembers your scores and provides an approximate analysis of your performance. A few resources for software are as follows:

LSAT Logic Games On Demand- This is a self paced software program from Kaplan. It offers instructions for solving a problem and practice questions. This website also offers software for preparation. The software costs $29.95.

Mobile Apps

The latest addition to the different formats available for test prep is the mobile phone apps. These apps range from a complete set of information on all sections to details about any one section of LSAT like vocabulary offers apps for iPhone users. This helps you to study from anywhere at anytime.

With so many different resources available, all you need to do is select the right material and start preparing.